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Jun 22, 2007 09:26 AM

New eats in South County, RI?

We're officially in a dining rut. There are a couple of places I've been meaning to try, but would like to hear some fellow 'Hounder opinions before we spend a babysitter's fortune on a bad meal. <grin> Valuna on 1A in North Kingstown looks interesting. Has anyone been there? Ditto for Giro's in Peace Dale (we used to go there ages ago, but I hear there's new management) and Basil's in Narragansett. Thanks!

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  1. Giro's "new management" is the "old management" from years ago. Still one of South County's hidden treasures; the best zitis with meatballs and sausages you can find. Still no need to spend a baby sitter's firtune here.

    Caylily's on Main street in Wakefield is now Crave...haven't been yet but hearing all good things.

    Jerry Saywell

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      Crave is very good, been three times so far,,,

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        Giro's is under new management/ownership:

        I have been to Crave three times and I can tell you that it is excellent.

        1. re: Sean

          Crave is no longer there. A new restaurant opened in January. I can't remember the name...sorry!

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          Since I made my original post, I've tried Giro's for lunch with kids in tow. Unfortunately, we were not impressed. The place was completely dead. It took a while to find someone to seat us -- made me wonder if he cooked our meal, too. I had a chicken parm grinder which was okay but not great. The kids had chicken fingers and fries. The fingers were so over done they were crisp through. It was pretty bad. By the time the food came out, they were really hungry so they did their best and ate what they could.

          We probably won't go back if all they have to recommend themselves is spag and meatballs. I have a hard time paying for spaghetti and meatballs in a restaurant when I make a kick-ass version at home. There didn't seem to be anything on the menu that I'd pay to have someone else cook. Too bad. I really wanted to like it.

        3. Went there shortly after it opened. 40 minutes to get drink order. Food was Johnson and Wales 202. Just dined at Italian Village on Boston Road, across from Whale's Tale. Excellent. Everything fresh. Interesting wine list.

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            Hi Bivalve88- I went to Valuna twice. Once was really great- intimate, quiet, great food. Other time, not so great. The wait-staff wasn't good, the food was not great and the hostess allowed a child to run around unattended banging chairs up and down.
            I have heard that they now have an out-door deck though- not sure what it's over looking?????

            I am EAGERLY awaiting the opening of the Cheeky Monkey in Narragansett (next to Salon Sante across from Narragansett Beach).
            I had (one of) the BEST meal(s) EVER at the cheeky last summer when they were in Newport.
            I'd say keep checking on their opening- It will be something new and refreshing for the area- Worth the bbysttr fortune!

            Other than that, SC is not really a night on the town- spend a babysitters fortune- kind of town. I'd say: go to Newport (it's only 20 min away) Specifically: Purini's, Asterisk, Thai Cuisine (casual but good!)- then get gelato at Cold Fusion (they have the BEST stuff there)- There are so many really good places that are good- Rhumbline is also really good -they are in the point- It's always good to go off the beaten path!
            Finally, make it a full night and catch a movie at the Jane Pickens- they always have something interesting playing!
            Good Luck!

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              SIENNA is moving to East Greenwich. Caspita in Exeter is worth the trip. Also, for less elegent fare, Estia in Wakefield is a nice, family owned Greek restaurant and Marco's is a nice little, authentic Middle Eastern/ Med. restaurant, a few doors down from Crazy Burger in Narragansett.

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                Thanks for the response. Cheeky Monkey was one of our favorites, too, as my SO works across the street. Or did, anyway, before they moved. <grin> Let's get all the South County 'hounds to agree to post IMMEDIATELY when the new location opens!

                Glad to hear somebody went to Valuna. I find it one of those nondescript places that you can't really judge by the outside, there never seems to be a crowd there, but it's never really dead, either. Maybe we'll give it a shot.

                And by "spending a babysitter's fortune" I meant spending a fortune on a babysitter. Since they're paid by the hour, we'd like to find some new places closer to home than in Newport. We always seem to end up in Newport and I hate the thought that I'm paying the sitter for an hour of time that I'm in the car.

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                  I think we may have been at Valuna the same night! We had the same experiences practically - first time we ate there with friends it was divine. Top notch service, delicious food and wine. We popped in a couple more times for a quick bite and it was fine, but the next time we went with friends for a more "formal" meal, it was the pits. Food quality and service had gone way downhill, and I'm pretty sure we had the same waiter. I think they (owners, staff) might be bored with the place. That's what it felt like. Oh, well. Lots more restaurants to try! We haven't tried Cheeky Monkey yet, but it sounds awesome. Love Sienna in EG! Such a great space, and the food is really, really good.