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Nov 19, 2005 08:11 PM

Miss Millies coming to Rockridge?

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I saw a change of owner sign in the window of a Chinese restaurant on College Ave. across from Katrina Rozelle... Miss Millie's seems to be taking over the space. Would this be a new outpost of the Miss Millie's on 24th street in SF or some other Miss Millie? Curious...

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  1. When I walk by the restaurant (on College near Chabot) it looks like progess is being made; anyone know when it is scheduled to open? Does this place have outdoor seating in the back?

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      The restaurant has a nice patio in back, which was used when this was an Italian restaurant before it became King Shang Chinese. King Shang never really made it, which is too bad because the family running it was really nice. Rockridge just isn't the place anymore for a greasy-spoon level of restaurant like King Shang.

      - JB