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Jun 22, 2007 09:18 AM

University Area, Charlotte, NC

I'm not familiar with the University area anymore. Can anyone recommend a nice, non-chain restaurant appropriate to enteratin clients (think baker/IT types)? Nothing super fancy, casual is fine. There will likely be 10 or more people. Prefer the WT Harris and Tryon area so clients don't have to drive too far. Unfortunately, will have to stay away from ethnic to accomodate everyone's tastes.

I did look at the board, didn't see anything that fits my criteria. Also, looked at the local weekly's site, nada.

I remember a Providence Bistro/Cafe in the area, but I believe it closed. Is their replacement worth visiting with clients?


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  1. I've been trying to find good food myself here and pickings are slim if you don't want to eat at a chain. Also, the non-ethnic requirement makes it hard. Would americanized Italian be okay? Ciro's is pretty good, though a little overpriced. I'd be interested to hear what other people have to say.

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      Ciro's is the only one I've found. Food is actually pretty good, not sure the strolling musician would work with IT types (may relax them ...). Since I'm in the area every month for a few nights, would love to hear others' finds.

    2. Wonderful - thank you both for the rec. I remember Ciro's now - I'm making a rez. right now.

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        I had forgotten about Ciro's. Probably the best option as Univ City is chain he!!. There is some good Indian food there though; maybe next time the crowd will be more adventurous.

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          I would recommend Amalifi, but not sure if they would be able to seat ten.

      2. Lava Bistro replaced Providence Bistro and is essentially the same. It is pretty good and it is nice to sit outside on a nice evening. Sadly, most of the nice restaurants are uptown or in the Southpark area. If you don't mind driving a bit north to Huntersville (exit is HWY 73) there are good choices: Mickey and Mooch; Dresslers (Birkdale area); and 131 Main. Only about 15/20 minutes from Harris and 77.

        1. Providence Cafe is still there-and it'd be a great choice.

          1. City Tavern is nearby, downtown off Tryon & 5th Street in the Hearst Tower. It's casual, comfortable, business friendly and the large menu could accomodate lots of tastes. 704.334.1235

            Also, you can earn airmiles there, sign up for free!