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Jun 22, 2007 09:16 AM

Recommendations in Santa Clara area.

Looking for delicious eating in or near Santa Clara. High, medium, or low.
Thank you!

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  1. Korea House on El Camino Real

    1. High end: Hatcho for japanese, Parcel 104 for californian
      Middle: Palace BBQ for Korean, Fish Market for seafood
      Low: Pho Thanh Long, Su's Mongolian, Stan's for doughnuts, New Ca Mau for its specialty, bun bo hue (vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup)

      1. The area has several good Persian restaurants. Chelokabobi on Wolfe and El Camino is good, although I prefer Chatnoga on El Camino between San Tomas and Kyley (sp?). Warning that Chatnoga's atmosphere is a little strange (looks like a lounge from the 1970s to me), but the kabobs are great. These two restaurants are mid-range.

        Also, Dasprakash is in Santa Clara on Homestead for vegetarian Indian. I just received a great review on this site a few days ago.

        1. Santa Clara
          Kabab & Curry's (sic)
          Pizz'a Chicago (I'm the only fan but the Blackhawk is awesome)
          Real Ice Cream & Oletty's Chaat Corner
          Pluto's (Santana Row)
          Slice of New York Pizza (San Jose on Stevens Creek & San Tomas)

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            I second Kabab N Curry; I also like Pizza Antica (Santana Row), Pizza Chicago (Halford behind Fish Market); Saigon Hong Kong (Lawrence x Lakewood). Krung Thai.

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              I just wanted to add that I order off the menu at Kabab & Curry's. Their chicken boti kabab is delish. Their CTM (chicken tikka masala) is very good (but not as good as Naan N Curry's).

            2. Santa Clara - the entire stretch of El Camino between Scott and Lawrence is packed with strip malls full of good food, including many, many tofu casserole places. And Indian grocery stores. There are always new places opening - so please, report back if you try any of them!
              Seoul Gom Tang (Korean, beef rice soup)
              Gaesung House of Tofu (tofu casserole) - my personal fave of the tofu casserole places, but tofu casserole purists tell me the flavor's too "light".
              Spring Korean BBQ (charcoal barbecue)
              China Stix - Northern Chinese breakfast (fan tuan, salty soy milk, Chinese crullers, black 8-treasure rice. Weekends only. Only on the Chinese menu).

              Chez Sovan (Cambodian) - amok, lemongrass chicken soup

              San Jose:
              Zeni (Ethiopian) - everything I've had there is great
              Krung Thai (Thai) - ditto - but special love for the red duck curry.

              Almost too daunting to touch are Vietnamese food in San Jose and Chinese food in Cupertino and Milpitas. Best to do a search on those...

              From other people's recs, I second Kebab & Curry and Stan's donuts. Palace BBQ has good quality meat (and octopus) but doesn't use charcoal grills, so it's hard to get a good char. Dasaprakash sounds like it's improved a lot since the time I went - I went soon after it opened and was pretty disappointed (except for that cream of wheat thing with cashews, soaked in butter. That was pretty awesome). I think I got my usual - masala dosa, uttapam, iddli, vada - and preferred the versions at Pasand (which I think is now closed?) and at Saravana Bhavan (Sunnyvale). But again, this was 4 or 5 years ago. Korea House... they're very friendly, and give generous portions (just try to finish your panchan... it's like throwing down the gauntlet. They'll bring out twice as much to replace the original). But I can't say they do anything particularly well (not saying they do them badly, either - I enjoyed many meals there when I lived in Santa Clara. But looking at it critically, I can't say that anything was great. )

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                Of course - Stan's donuts is a must. Get there early so that you can pick what you want since they tend to run out of donuts.