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Jun 22, 2007 09:09 AM

Foxfire Grill -- Annandale

It's located in the strip mall at the corner of Little River Turnpike and Braddock Road (across LRT from the Home Depot). Went there for a light dinner with a friend last night. Reasonably busy but several empty tables, so we were seated right away. Hostess was friendly.

This space used to be a Friendly's. They left the kitchen in the same place and kept the old floor but updated/upscaled the interior. On first glance, it looks sleek and modern -- glass partition walls, blond woods, halogen spots, etc. -- but after sitting for a few minutes, both my companion and I felt it was not a welcoming space. Too hard-edged, no sense of being able to relax in the room.

The service was pretty good, professional but not warm/engaging. They brought out a small bread basket which had two nice chewy sourdough rolls and a cheesey egg bread type of roll -- not as good as the sourdough. As for the meals, we split a steak salad with a creamy caesar-type dressing and a grilled chicken breast sandwich with avocado, bacon, grilled onions & mushrooms -- part of their "build your own burger" selection of toppings -- and we both got beers. Limited but reasonable beer selection with two private label brews, about half draft and half not.

The meals were cooked adequately, the salad greens were fresh and a good mixture, the steak was perfectly medium rare as requested, cut into 8 slices about the size of a vitamin bottle top (I don't know any steak that shape except maybe a very skinny tenderloin, but chewier) and virtually flavorless, so maybe it was just a lower grade tenderloin. The dressing also didn't have any special zing or tang or anything to make it stand out. The chicken sandwich was the more flavorful of the two dishes, but that had more to do with our choice of toppings. Fries were flabby, and they were cold by the time the plates reached the table.

Looking over the rest of the menu, it's long and looks pretty ambitious, and lots of seafood items, but the prices all look to be about $2 - $5 more per entree than what I would expect for a casual neighborhood joint. Our bill for a sandwich, salad, and 3 middle-of-the-road beers was $40.

So, underwhelming all in all.

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  1. Wow, thanks for taking one for the team. Whenever I'm in that neighborhood, it's always Korean, Korean and more Korean.

    1. I know this is much later...but I just tried Foxfire a few days ago...pretty underwhelming still (you'd hope the kinks would be worked out by now).

      Service was really friendly but I don't like th bar set up..they should probably get rid of the smoking (and I occassionally smoke but it was too much for me)

      We had coconut chicken appetizer- really dry. For dinner I had halibut...pretty awful. It was really watery and just plain gross. The rice was overcooked as well. And it had canned jalepenos.

      Now to their credit when we said the dinner was just ok, the manager came out and personally asked us why. I am hoping they get better as we love restaurants second chances.

      I would, however, get their coconut cake again anyday. It was delicious! The only thing I would change was the served at room temp and the cake was a bit cold...making it less flavorful.

      Oh and I do agree about the prices- way too high. The grilled halibut was $19 when I believe $15 would be reasonable.
      Bigeats...what Korean place do you recommend around there for a 1st timer?

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      1. re: xena1441

        I think a first-timer should go to Vit Goel (aka Lighthouse Tofu). They have a very limited menu. They specialize in a dish call soon doo boo, tofu stew. You get to select the ingredients (seafood, pork, vegetarian, etc) and the level of spiciness. For example, I like things spicy so I order 5, the top level, and I still don't think it's too spicy.

        They only have two or three other choices really. Two bbq standby choices which are great for a first-timer: Kalbi (pork chop) and bulgogi (beef filet). Both are very good renditions here, particularly the kalbi. they also have a noodle dish with your choice of toppings, but I don't recommend that for a first timer.

        As in just about all Korean places, they will serve you an array of appetizers called Panchan. Their selection is small since it is a specialty restaurant. But it is high quality.

        So there you have it. For me, Korean food is a very exotic cuisine that you have to develop a taste for. But it's worth it. This is a good place to start as it gives you the bbq plus a delicious stew in which you control the ingredients.