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Jun 22, 2007 08:53 AM

Lunch near the DC convention center?

Any recommendations for a lunch place near the DC convention center?

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  1. Corduroy isn't too far from there and a lot of people on here really like it.

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      Acadiana isn't far either. But literally right in the Convention Center is Old Dominon on M and 9th I believe. There is also a brand new japanese restaurant I haven't tried. Acadiana is upscale while Old Dom and the Jap rest are just sit down, quick places. What are you looking for?

      1. re: jackcyn

        Nothing fancy, just a quick but nice lunch before an event.

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          I 2nd Acadiana. I haven't been there for lunch but have been there for dinner a few times and really love it. I don't think it's too upscale though...fairly moderatly priced I imagine, especially around lunch time.

      2. Restaurant AV. I'm trying to get to that place weekly before it closes. Yesterday for lunch, I had the Spiedini alla Romana (italian bread dipped in eggs and parmigiano cheese topped with mozzarella and anchovy sauce, garlic, and swimming in olive oil). My god! A 10 Lipitor meal. I'm going to miss those guys.

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          Monkey, I love your posts and descriptions. 10 Lipitor meal indeed!

          I'll second Corduroy. I've had great experiences there.

        2. Yes, quite a few. First, start with Clyde's of Gallery Place -- don't eat there, but do what I do and walk in and gawk at the huge painting of Babe Ruth inside the front door! I'm a big Yankee fan and I would love to have a house that would fit that painting!

          And I more than second Corduroy in the Sheraton Four Points at 12th and K. You'll be happy you did.

          I like Acadiana very much -- I had the best Cubano sandwich there that I ever ate outside of Tampa or Miami. And the po' boys are incredible. They come with a bag of Zapp's potato chips!

          You're not far from Chinatown either. A lot of people on this Board don't like Chinatown, but Full Kee is the real deal. The steamed dumplings are made fresh in the front window, and avoid the tourist foods. Go with the Cantonese meals written on the walls in Chinese.....let your waiter help you.

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            Full Key...I forgot about there. Mmmmdummmmplings...<drool>