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Hi, I know there have been several other posts asking for similar suggestions but they were all a couple of years old. I just moved to 69th st. btwn CPW and Columbus and am looking for really good, really cheap food. My boyfriend is a student and I just graduated so we are on a tight budget but love great food. We like all cuisines and are open for any and all suggestions. Also, suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe a place for cheap drinks would be much appreciated. Thank you!!

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  1. Grays Papaya for hot dogs. Sido has a falafel sandwich for around $4-5. Soups at Hampton Chutney. In summer on Sat mornings, there's a farmers mkt in the triangle across from B&N around 66 St.
    Think "inexpensive" rather than "cheap" in this part of town.

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      Dosas at Hampton Chutney are delicious and very filling.

    2. Try Luzia's for tapas- Amsterdam btw. 80-81. Really good sangria- go during happy hour (before 7).

      1. celeste - 84th/amsterdam - pastas under $12 - cash only

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          Absolutely. They also do takeout, but I don't think they deliver (wouldn't it be great if they did...)

        2. I used to live on UWS - and my roomates and I would go to happy hour specials at Hi-Life. Cheap sushi on Mondays, I think and then half priced entrees the rest of the week. I haven't been up there in a few years, so I assume it's still open.

          1. Patsy's Pizza. Pollo a la brasa from Flor del Mayo. Ayuvedra Cafe for the fixed-price vegetarian meal.

            1. I loved the pita grill!! there is one on w71 between broadway and amsterdam. My fav was the pita grill salad. Great grilled chicken

              1. flor de mayo for peruvian chicekn. 83/amsterdam