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Jun 22, 2007 08:43 AM

Making Ice Cream with post expiration dates

I am having the best time making ice cream. I don't know what my worries were all about; I add the ingredients to a mixing bowl, mix it up then pour the mix into the Cuisinart Ice Cream maker, take it out to the garage (it is loud ) and then set my timer for 25 minutes. Bingo.

I hate to admit how many times I have thrown away dairy products. I almost chucked the whipping cream again when I saw it had expired, but then I remembered several on CH,said it was "ok" to use.

I did just that and the ice cream was terrific. With a June 6th exp date, I made the ice cream on June 20th, Vanilla made with less cream and more whole milk, a blackberry and strawberry puree swirled into it.

No ailments just delicious ice cream.This is coming from someone that would never drink milk or use it on the expiration date, I will never again toss these products.

Thank you CH!

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  1. I would just advise tasting the milk or cream before you use it. I know cream lasts longer than its "sell by" date (most milk does, too), but if it's gone the slightest bit sour, you don't want to use it in ice cream.

    1. I think dairy is the one food where you can safely trust your sight/nose/taste and not put yourself in any harm. It's pretty easy to see/smell when milk has gone sour or cream has started to separate/clot. And, even when it has gone off, sour milk never hurt anyone, it just doesn't taste good.

      1. Very good advice! Yep I did smell and did a small taste test first and nothing.
        It was heavy cream so I was a bit worried but there weren't any chunks when I poured. I thought that was a long time past the use-by date, but thought that maybe heavy cream can go longer or the date was just wrong.
        The ice cream was (is) very good. I would never of done this before, even if it tasted alright and smelled fine. I always tossed it. What a waste!

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        1. re: chef chicklet

          cc -
          Last week I decided to start giving my ice cream maker a whirl again. I made a buttermilk ice cream...the flavor was incredible...nice tang, sweet - not too much so, and easy. However, after putting in freezer, I ran into the problem of the ice crystal consistency, more like a sherbet consistency I'd say. There were a couple of posts about this problem....have you run into that, or did you accomplish nice and creamy with yours?

          1. re: THenderson

            Using more heavy cream and whole milk, no never had the icey problem.
            Are you using a custard base?

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            1. re: chef chicklet

              well, the last time with the buttermilk recipe....nope - it wasn't a custard with eggs etc. I'll try again this time with a custard based recipe and with full fat too - and see what happens. I'm not sure if I got your full post above, there's some kind of technical error on it when I view it.

              1. re: THenderson

                no it looks like there were problems. I was trying to say that, I mix the ice cream a little longer than what has been suggested. I get it to a point where it is completely edible as a thick thick shake or soft ice cream Then I freeze it right away. I think, and now I am not a chemist ok, but if you allow it to sit for the smallest amount of time it melts and any water in the mix will develop into an ice crystal given the chance when freezing.

                I had the one bad experience with the first batch, and then I just really act quickly now get it together and freeze immediately. Who knows it might be my equivalent to rubbing a rabbit's foot for luck!

                1. re: chef chicklet

                  funny....yeah....but when something just just go with it. Even if I'm not totally sure why something works...when it does, I just try to replicate my method each time...superstitious probably. I'll give it a whirl - - thanks!

            2. re: THenderson

              If you make a buttermilk "ice cream" without cream (i.e., just buttermilk and flavoring) the consistency will be more like a sherbet. Technically, it is a sherbet since it doesn't have cream. The buttermilk I see in the stores are usually low-fat cultured buttermilk.

                1. re: leanneabe

                  Makes perfect sense. I picked up an ice cream book at the library yesterday, so I think that closer to the weekend we'll give it a whirl, and I'll definitely use cream, most likely I'll start with a custard base. I'll report back. Thanks again.

                  1. re: THenderson

                    sorry I didn't catch that you're using buttermilk!