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Jun 22, 2007 08:43 AM

Dining Options in Reno

My SO and I will be in Reno on 6/29 and 6/30. We are looking for some dining options close to the downtown area. No Asian as we are from the Bay Area and we have plenty. We are open for steak, fish, French, and maybe Italian. All price ranges considered but we will have only jeans so no place that is dressy.Thanks for your help.

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  1. Stayed at the El Dorado Casino & Hotel that is owned by the Ferrari-Carrano Winery and between Roxy's which is a French Restaurant to Brews Brothers (casual dining) both were casino and we wore jeans to both places.
    They also had an award winning Italian restaurant too..forgot the name.

    1. Close to downtown and no Asian doesn't give you a lot outside of casinos. The only one I can think of outside a casino is La Famiglia at First and Lake Streets. There's a couple of postings on the board about it. It's an Italian restaurant.
      There's a nice new bar that opened on Arlington Avenue near First Street called the Imperial Lounge.
      Go to the Web site and take a look at the menu. Basically small plates, sandwichs, salads and pizza. A tad expensive for me, but good food. And one of the best places in Reno to buy wine by the glass. The owners used the owner of a local wine store to pick out the wines and there's a better selection there than most of the restaurants in town.
      In the casinos in the downtown area, El Dorado is your best bet. The Italian restaurant is La Strada. I like it and they had a chef return and the quality has supposedly improved. The El Dorado is your best bet overall. If you search the board you can see there's a positive recommendation for Sterling in the Silver Legacy. I've never eaten there, so I can't say.
      If you're willing to take a short drive or cab ride, consider Sezmu on Mount Rose Street (not the Mount Rose Highway). Great food and a good wine list. One of Reno's top restaurants. But make reservations today. It's small and popular. I think you'll be okay in clean blue jeans at Sezmu.
      An Awful Awful burger at the Reno Nugget under the arch might hit the spot. Not as good as it used to be, but still a good hamburger. It's a greasy spoon 1950s-style diner.

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        Thanks Chick and Steve. I ate at Sezmu and liked it very much. The quality of the food was great and the prices were low compared to the Bay Area. It was a less than an $8 cab ride from the downtown area. Also tried the Imperial Lounge for drinks (very good mixed drinks and a very good beer selection.) Had one beer at Brew Bros--good. My SO had a gin tonic at Brew Bros--she said it was the worst she ever had. Stick with the beer at this beer joint. I probably would have gone back later in the evening if I was younger and single.