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Jun 22, 2007 08:34 AM

Great mid-priced restaurant near House of Blues


Searching for a mid-priced restaurant (entrees under $30) within walking distance of House of Blues Hotel. Any cuisine is fine as long as the food and the ambience are great. Thank you!

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  1. Bin 36 is right next door, and I really love the food, the wine and the ambiance.

    1. There's no shortage of options:

      - Vong's Thai Kitchen - upscale, not particularly authentic, but yummy Thai food.
      - Catch 35 - Seafood
      - McCormick & Schmick - Seafood (it's a chain, but its really good)
      - Frontera Grill - very good (but over-hyped) Rick Bayliss Mexican spot. They only take same-day reservations for dinner and often have long waits though.
      - Mambo Grill - casual Latin American food. Really good drinks.
      - Blue Water Grill - Seafood/sushi. It's the Chicago outpost of an NYC restaurant, but the food is very good and a few things are fantastic. Stretching the limit of your budget though.
      - Vermillion - Indian/Latin fusion
      - Bin 36 - the food is only OK, but they have great wine flights and they are right next to HoB.

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        I've eaten at Bin 36 on all four of my visits to Chicago in the last 18 months and have recommended it to numerous people, but had a very unpleasant experience there last Saturday afternoon. There were very few people there, but service was incredibly poor and the waiter was among the most insufferable I've ever encountered - although I have to admit that he recommended a superb wine for us to take home.

        Two positive recommendations: Tizi Meloul (, for excellent Mediterranean food, and Tratttoria 10, which has a great $12 all-you-can-eat happy hour buffet. These are both a bit of a hike from House of Blues, but not a bad walk if it's a nice evening; entrees at both are in the $30 range.