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Jun 22, 2007 08:32 AM

Romantic restaurants in DC??

Young couple, new in town, looking for places with romantic atmosphere & cute neighborhoods to stroll through after dinner. Any price range, any cuisine -- suggestions??

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  1. There aren't any. OK just kidding.

    Palena, Little Fountain Cafe, Restaurant Eve (in VA, but in a cute neighborhood), Vidalia, Dino upstairs (where my girlfriend and I had our first date). just a few among many.

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      Agree with jpschust. You could also add Mendocino Wine Bar & Grill in Georgetwon, too.

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        I second all of these, especially Palena and Eve also Marcel's.

      2. There have been more marriages that were initiated in the Bistro Francaise (aka pam pam) - either in word or in thought - than any other place I know of .... I know .... I am one of them. In Georgetown.

        1. I agree with Palena. Also you might want to try Butterfield 9...then you can stroll around near the White House which is always nice.

          I think Bistro D'Oc is quite romantic but there isn't much around the restaurant to stroll to.

          Equniox is on the higher end but quite romantic with wonderful can walk towards Dupont Circle afterwards.

          Also in Dupont is Al Tiramisu and the French restaurant next door (who's name I can't remember...I've never eaten there but the place looks romantic)

          1. Expensive:
            Palena (back room) - Cleveland Park stroll
            Taberna del Alabardero - not so much to stroll around there
            Obelisk (for casual romance) - Dupont Circle stroll

            As fr poster's above suggestion, I like Butterfield 9, but I don't love it, nor do I think it is a necessarily romantic restaurant. The stroll after is a nice idea, though.

            I love Dino (upstairs) not certain quite how romantic that is.

            For inexpensive, I think Miss Saigon in Georgetown is pretty romantic, actually.