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Jun 22, 2007 08:22 AM

North End Dinner

We are staying at the Long Wharf for one night in August and were thinking of walking over to the North End for a memorable Italian dinner (followed by bakery pastry).
We have done this a couple of times in the past and have some good meals and some not so great. Would anyone be able to recommend a place that would please a chow hound couple?

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  1. Higher end: Mamma Maria -- reservations recommended.

    More casual: Neptune Oyster Bar -- reservations not accepted, but worth the wait.

    1. I've said this a few times, but one of my favorite places lately is Rabia's on Salem Street. I've heard they've added a raw oyster bar to their already great menu.

      A little higher end, but has a great venue is Fiore's. I've only been once, but we had terrific meals, great wine and excellent service up on their roof deck. Great place to dine on a warm summer evening.

      For pastry and capucino, I love Vittoria's on Hanover St (their capucino alone is like a dessert!). For pastry to go, I recommend avoiding Mike's and head over to either Modern Pastry (across the street by Mother Anna's or Bova's (open 24/7)

      1. I agree with both previous Hounds. Here's an additional take: Terramia, Marco, Prezza, Carmen.

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          My suggestions would be: Antico Forno for moderate prices but very good and wholesome food and Prezza for high-end Italian dining. Reservation at Prezza are essential but sometimes you can get a seat at the bar and dine there too. Great food, great wine list and good service

        2. My boyfriend and I went to the North End for dinner last weekend (I'm originally from Boston but we both live elsewhere now) and had a wonderful, romantic dinner at Trattoria Il Panino. The waitstaff was super friendly (and almost everyone is from Italy with an interesting story) and food was delicious. We had the gnocchi in a red sauce and the lobster raviolli which literally tasted like lobster bisque in the pasta form. It was incredible with a crab rose sauce. I still am thinking about it.

          Afterwards we went a few steps down to Gelatorria or something like that...the gelato place next door. We had the chocolate hazelnut gelato..mmmm delicious!

          Il Panino also has a beautiful outdoor patio area where you can watch the people walking by and also have a romantic meal. I highly recommend it. And it was very moderatly priced.

          1. Can't beat Bricco! Delicious!