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Jun 22, 2007 08:02 AM

Cheap, good dim sum, either carts or not

I usually go to HSF, but don't love it. My 21 Mott Street closed. I want to go with a friend for just a few dished, to a place with a little atmosphere, but those dirt-cheap dim sum prices that are so amazing. I've been told Ping's or Sweet & Tart. Thoughts?

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  1. Didn't Sweet & Tart close? Someone mentioned that on this board a week ago or so.

    I don't know what you mean about "dirt cheap" but Jin Fong has always taken very little of my money. They have carts there.

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      stuck in jury duty, did around 5 dim sum joints....winner--Ping's

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          Ping's Seafood is at 22 Mott St. (bet. Bayard & Pell Sts.)..across the street form your old haunt.

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        Yes, Sweet & Tart closed last year.

      2. Vegetarian dim sum house on Pell street. Though its all vegetarian, you won't miss the meat its so good!

        1. 98 Mott Street. Really nice variety and fair prices.
          Triple Eight Palace (East Broadway Mall under the Manhattan Bridge) had fantastic dim sum years ago, but I stopped going for reasons unrelated to the food (the manager would not tell a patron not to smoke in the restaurant) and have not gotten around to returning. My favorite thing about Triple Eight was the seafood station where you could get certain small dishes made to order. If you are not Chinese (I'm not), you might feel a bit out of place at Triple Eight.

          1. For just a touch of atmosphere and dirt cheap prices I like Mandarin Court:

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              I found a great place - Chatham Restaurant on Bowery - hole in the wall with zero atmosphere, yummy dim sum - $1.70 for dumplings, 0.70 for buns. So good!