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Jun 22, 2007 07:58 AM

The First Guest Chef

I’m excited to tell you that on Monday, June 25th I’m going to be the first ever Guest Chef on a brand new talk show on a brand new satellite TV network.

I still haven’t figured out how they got my name, but that’s okay. The network is EBRU-TV. I’ve no idea how you’d find it on your tv set, but it will be available on line at The show is called A.M. Connections, and we’re taping live between 10am and 12 noon. The host’s name is Meredith ?.

I’m going to be preparing my Warm Summer Salad from my book, and giving healthy eating tips.

There’s no pay for this experience, but I will get a dvd of the show, which will be great. Although I have lots of footage of me doing talk on tv, there is none of me cooking. And who knows? Maybe I’ll sell a few books?

Hope you will check it out on line.

Chef June

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting that is. Break a leg, as they say. I'll definitely try to track you down in the Northeast. Actually, I think we can watch the station online.

    What is the name of your book?

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    1. re: Gio

      "Feastivals Cooks at Home" is the name of my book. Thanks for asking.

      1. re: ChefJune

        You're Welcome. Good Luck with all!!!