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Jun 22, 2007 07:47 AM

Breakfast in Vegas (no buffet)

we go to Vegas quite a bit and don't really care for the buffets. we will be staying at the Mandalay Bay and will probably not venture off the strip. we have all of dinners and lunches lined up.
we usually eat breakfast at America (NYNY), House of Blues (MB) or Mr. Luckys (Hardrock). which are fine, but we wanted to do something different this time.
we would like an above average healthy breakfast (whole grain pancakes etc) if possible.

any suggestions?

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  1. I can't tell you how healthy these places are, but I can tell you whether or not they have good food.

    The Verandah Cafe at the Four Seasons gets consistently good marks from Chowhounders as well as from me & my wife. Since the Four Seasons is connected to the Mandalay Bay, you could walk there from your room. The Verandah is a "coffee shop" but done Four Seasons style: very pleasant & relaxing room, good service, and very good tasting food.

    Raffles, at Mandalay Bay, is good coffee shop fare for breakfast or lunch. Pretty basic atmosphere (especially compared to Mr. Lucky's & House of Blues) and nothing too exotic on the menu but consistently good. It's a coffee shop taken up a half of a notch.

    On our last trip to LV we had breakfast at Bouchon at the Venetian. Our report is here:
    Breakfast at Bouchon is weekdays only. Bouchon gets pretty good Chowhound-press for dinner as well as for breakfast, though our one experience for breakfast was that it was good but not fabulous--like maybe they step it down a notch for breakfast. (As you can tell, "notch" is my slang word of the day.) Others on Chowhound, however, will tell you about having better experiences there for breakfast.

    What's America like at New York New York? Never been.

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      I'll also mention that 2 or 3 years ago my wife & I had breakfast at Red, White, & Blue at Mandalay Bay. We weren't too impressed. The food was fine, but I seem to recall that we decided it was too expensive for what was basically ordinary food.

      Also, here are some web pages from other places I mentioned earlier:



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        great. thanks for the report! the Verandah cafe sounds right up our alley.
        America at NYNY is a good diner like restaurant. my wife always gets the steak and eggs and she likes it. here is a link to their menu

        if we get adventurous we may try Bouchon, but our goal is to eat then hit the pool at MB

      2. Canyon Ranch Spa at the Venetian has a cafe which is healthy and delicious.

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          thank you. their menu looked very good

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. You have THE best breakfast option in LV downstairs @ the Four Seasons Verandah. It, IMHO, has the best breakfast, and without a doubt, the Huevos Rancheros are the top billing. If it is not on the menu all you have to do is ask and they are happy to make. DO NOT MISS.

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              thanks for the suggestion of Huevos Rancheros! we will definitely hit this

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                I'm interested in your experience at Verandah, if you are there in the next two weeks. We are frequent Vegas visitors but usually do lunches and dinners only, although we've had breakfast at Bouchon a couple of times. My husband's birthday is July 12th and we'll be in Vegas and I have a reservation at Verandah for that morning.

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                  I go to Vegas about 4 times a year (much to the dismay of my wife and kids!) and each and every time I make it a point to go to the Verandah at least once each trip. It is, if you will, the generic restaurant for the Four Seasons so you know you can always count on the service being first rate (along with the bill!!!). The interior is comfortable and the have a patio area that overlooks the Four Seasons pool. Given that it is well into the summer heat I am not sure if you can sit outside comfortably or not, although on one trip there in July it was perfectly comfortable in the morning while in the afternoon it shot up to 107. They do have misters and the area is covered and there is alot of vegetation. They generally do not have anything that is overly creative or imaginative but what they have they do very well. And ever since that fateful morning when my head was banging a little too hard and I needed something a little different to settle the damage I had inflicted the night before, the Huevos Rancheros are my breakfast nirvana. I am sure these would not be considered traditional in the sense that they are authentic. However I cannot imagine them being much better by any stretch of the imagination. The gooey cheddar cheese atop the rancheros sauce and black beans atop 2 eggs over easy atop layered corn tortilla and sided by a delicious chorizo...Oh I wish I was headed there this weekend! Sometimes they are not on the menu but all you have to do is ask them to make and they are happy to accommodate your request. Moving on, the staple of all Vegas breakfasts is Eggs Benedict and there isn't a better preparation that I have had in LV. There is also a pastrami corned beef hash that is delicious. All their juices are freshly squeezed and their coffee as you would expect, 1st rate. I have not had any of the sweeter entrees but those that I have been with have always seems happy with their choices. They also have a buffet that, by the standards of other places, seems passable, but by no means great. However, I would not go there for the buffet. Generally a party of four w/all the breakfast accompaniments, juice, coffee et al., will run about $30 w/tax and tip included. That is the high side but I have found it to be comparable in price to all the other 1st rate places.

                  1. re: LVI

                    thanks for the detailed report.
                    i will be there next week and will report back how i liked it.
                    and i am, without a doubt, getting the huevos rancheros!!

            2. I was all ready with a rec until I saw the "healthy" part. lol

              I'm of the mindset that tragedy could befall tomorrow, so live for today. For a truly different LV breakfast experience (and a place that many return to after their first visit) I always recommend Florida Cafe, a true oasis, especially given the seedy stretch of LV Blvd where it is located. You can get a regular breakfast, but it's the Cuban stuff that rocks...croquetas y papas rellenas y huevos son muy sabrosos, especially when you have some cafe con leche mas fuerte and freshly squeezed jugo de naranja.

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                well i doubt that we will be that "healthy" but i did want to have options.
                Where is the Florida Cafe? A Cuban breakfast with good coffee sounds outstanding

                1. re: jeffbatl

                  Florida Cafe is in the Howard Johnson's on LV Blvd, north of the Stratosphere, on the right. You can park in the hotel lot and enter through the back so you don't have to mess with LV Blvd at all. They remodeled a few years back and the space is lovely.

                  The croquetas are exemplary. Lunch and dinner are excellent as I said, most make repeat visits after the first one.