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need to buy white grits...where????

I find yellow all the time, but i'm making country ham and red-eyed gravy tonight. i want the white grits. any suggestions?

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      1. re: ebbatten

        I know I've seen them at the one on Broadway...I think that's right...it's the one right by Balthazar.

    1. Quaker makes white grits as well. I have a jar at home. I don't remember exactly where I bought them, but I'd think almost any decent-sized supermarket would have them in the breakfast foods aisle.

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      1. Pathmark or any grocery store above 96th Street. I think even Fairway carries them.

        1. i've had a really hard time finding quaker grits...but fortunately the corner bodega in my neighborhood carries 'em. Papa and Sons at flatbush avenue and lincoln road. FYI.

          1. I can tell you where NOT to look for them - Wholefoods Union Square, Citarella, Jefferson Market, Garden of Eden (14th st), Gourmet Garage, Gristedes. Yes, I too have been in seach - although not a hot enough pursuit to leave my neighborhood.

            I'm thinking about ordering from Hoppin' John's - a place in Charleston, SC known for their grits.

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            1. re: BaconBits

              I think I've seen them at the Food Emporium on 14th street.

              1. re: cbw

                I was in Gristedes on 14th just about 5 minutes ago, and in fact, they DO carry quaker oats grits! Don't I feel silly!! They must have been sold out when I went about a month ago.

                Thanks for the Food Emporium tip!

              2. re: BaconBits

                They are on the bottom shelf of the Pathmark in Harlem. 10 minutes from midtown folks!

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                  Hoppin' John grits are excellent. Very aromatic by comparison to Quaker. I also like Anson Mills. I do not like Red Mills. Their grits are yellow and probably geared more for polenta.

                  In NYC you can often sit down for a breakfast of grits and baco nat Puerto Rican diners.

                2. You know who used to carry Hoppin' John grits in the refrigerator section -- and this just adds another layer of sorrow -- is Kurowycky. Man, I miss that place.

                  1. I have bought the organic white corn grits before at Life Thyme over on 6th Ave between 8th & 9th.

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                    1. re: sjcarter331

                      to update... I was over there at lunch today and they do not have them! :(