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Cheese Plate in Portland

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I'll be visiting Portland in July and would love to get a great cheese plate somewhere. The more local cheeses available, the better, and preferably at a place that has a great beer selection. Any recs?

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  1. A great place to start would be Curds and Whey in Sellwood. Don't know if they have beers, but they would certainly know the restaurants in town that would have great cheese plates. Plus, they have really terrific salamis, olive oils and other yummies in addition to their cheese selection.

    1. La Bodega on NE Fremont has an interesting selection of cheeses, and over 100 beers available. I don't think they really specialize in local cheeses, though.

      Are you coming for the brewer's festival?

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        I will be in town 7/11-14 and will hit the beer festival on Friday, 7/13. Very excited, I am an East Coaster (Baltimore) and this is my first trip to Oregon!

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          Go to the Portland Farmers Market on Saturday and taste a bunch of local cheeses for free.


      2. Higgins has the best beer list of any restaurant in town and they do a cheese plate: http://higgins.ypguides.net/

        Curds and Whey does sell beer and they are probably the best cheese store in town: http://www.pdxcheese.com/ Note, their cheeses are not necessarily local, but they have an awesome selection of artisanal cheeses.

        1. Check out Vesta. It's in Vancouver (not exactly Portland), but their cheese list is expansive for a restaurant -- sixteen last I was in, but there were different (and more) cheeses from the time before that.

          1. Claire de Lune - Portland -

            I just read about the following in the Oregon Diner and
            in other articles on line.

            Victory Wine Bar
            3652 S.E. Division St., Portland; 503-236-8755

            Has charcuterie and/or Cheese Plates and the cheese is from Steve's Cheese. (Steve's Cheese is at 2321 NW Thurman St Portland, OR 97210 (503) 222-6014--but their cheese are basically for take-out).

            And Foster & Dobbs 2518 NE 15TH Avenue (in the Irvington neiborhood) Portland, OR 97212 - tel 503.284.1157

            Here is their link - http://www.fosteranddobbs.com
            it sounds great and they do have a menu and carry beer (although I don't know for sure if they have microbrews on tap). They--and probably Steve's Cheese do sell both imported and local cheeses.

            I am a "cheesoholic"--mostly for the cheeses of the daily meals of my European youth, but also for good local ones--I am not an expert, but an amateur (I like this better it comes from the verb "to love" in latin). Unfortunately most cheeses are quite a luxury on my budget...But I do give in to temptation.

            One thing I have noticed in the restaurants serving a cheese plate is that you get a "bird size" sampling of say 3 or 4 cheeses. Not that the servings were huge at our table when I grew up, but these are not enough, especially if you choose to have a cheese plate as a meal--something I would like to do more often.

            1. Curds and Whey, definitely.


              I don't know if they serve beer but I know they serve wine.