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Jun 22, 2007 07:11 AM

Funky called 'Medina'-Coney Island Blvd @ Beverley Rd.

This little Indian/Bangali steam table place is putting out some really tasty curry in Ditmas Park for a pittance. And they deliver, though half the fun is going there and getting the nice guys at the counter to holler to the woman cooking in the back to find out what she's got coming out next. It's also fascinating to watch her use old iron tongs to pull giant 99-cent pieces of paratha from the bowels of this crazy-hot oven that looks like a Japanese soaking tub.
The chicken tika is quite credible--a minimal amount of the cartilagenous material one often encounters in the more authentic/chowhoundy places in Brooklyn's ethnic food enclaves. Better yet, last night anyway, was a version of dal that had a bit more body and substance than the typical version by virtue of adding ground chicken (ground chicken cartilage not so skeevy, right?). There was a meat-free dal too, in case you think it's bad, er, korma, to eat critters.
Unfortunately, it was after the proprieter had laddled my curry on top of the rice that I noticed these spectacular looking baked, spice-encrusted whole fish--porgies probably--and I already had too much food.
Definitely next time!

563 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218

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  1. Not to nitpick, but it's Coney Island Avenue :-)

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    1. re: nokitsch

      Duly noted--and a lovely Avenue it is. Thx.

    2. Been touting this one for a long visit try a couple of elongated seekh-kababs (just say kabab) and the chicken tikka-masala if they have it, over rice (the stuff from the cooker near the tandoor oven)...add one fresh-baked sesame-seeded naan with butter and you're set...the salad is thrown in gratis.

      Also excellent channa and daal in the house.

      One quick geography note: more Kensington than Ditmas Park.

      1. This sounds delicious! Can you let me know which subway line goes near there, and the stop? TIA!

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          Take the "Q" to Beverley Road...follow the sun and head west toward Coney Island Avenue. Or the "F" to Church Avenue, front car Brooklyn-bound - Beverley begins by the Silver Rod Drugstore...longer walk.

          Some of you R-E people may also refer to the 'hood as "Beverley Square West."