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Looking for great sushi near Diamond Bar.

Sorry! I know there are many posts on sushi in LA, but I am not too familar with the neighbourhoods! I am looking for amazing sushi, preferably for lunch. I have read the posts on Sushi Zo, and I am tempted to try it, but it's 40 minutes away! Is it really worth it? Or is there some other place that is just as good and closer? Thoughts? Comments?

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  1. I don't think you will find Sushi Zo quality in the area. I think one of the best places is Sushi Kamon on Colima by the In'N'Out. It's not bad, but I doubt it is comparable to Sushi Zo.

    1. Try Ninja in Walnut. It's very good.


      ( 909 ) 594 - 4306
      316 N LEMON AVE,WALNUT,CA,91789

      I would avoid Jubei. It's always crowded, and the portions are microscopically small, and not that good.

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        I'll wait for Jubei any day... to avoid Ninja :-p

      2. probably the only fresh sushi in a 10 mile radius is sushi koyo on diamond bar blvd next to oak tree lanes.

        their lunch special is good, sashimi + salmon teriyaki + tempura for 7.99.
        Dinner omokase is about 70-80$ which is a lil bit costly cause they dont serve anything otu of the ordinary.

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          I agree... that the $75ish omakase I paid for, it's not feeling up my tummy :-)

        2. No great sushi in the area....Some good places but nothing to say wow about.

          We are regulars at Sushi Kamon and Jubei, because we live close by. Of the two, I like Sushi Kamon better, but Jubei has more exotic stuff. The sushi chef is a little short until he gets to know you. For instance he ask me three times are you sure, when my son wanted uni. After he polished it off the first time, everytime we go he is served uni without being ordered.

          The neighborhood is better for Chinese foods.

          1. If you're willing to venture south a couple of exits down the 57 there's a good place called Shark Sushi on the corner of Brea Blvd. & Central in Brea. Very friendly, high quality and more creative than most.

            Oishi Sushi on Imperial Hwy. & Rose Dr. is also very good.

            Sushi O in the Birch Street Promenade in Brea is nearly as good but always has 1/2 price on most sushi so it's kinder on the wallet.

            1. Hmm... maybe I should expand my area then. I have 3 lunches open... maybe I should venture over to Sushi zo, Tama and Kiroko to try their lunch omakases? Would that even be worth it? Chicago has ok sushi, but nothing like LA! Does anyone know if they will do a dinner omakase at lunch? I am a big eater! =)

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                If you're a BIG sushi eater, there's only one plce for you in the area - Little Tokyo in San Dimas. Sushi with fish the size of two-by-fours. You won't be disappointed!

              2. there's really no *great* sushi near diamond bar. dinner omakase is usually different from lunch not in the assortment of sushi/sashimi but in the pre-/post-appetizers, cooked dishes, soup, dessert, fruit. Omakase ends when you are full so just ask for more courses if you're not. Studio city for Tama or Nozawa, West LA for Zo or Kiriko or Sasabune. You can't go wrong with any of these choices, oh and do sit at the bar for the full experience.

                1. Rokuan in Chino Hills. I live in DB and IMO is the best sushi in the IE. Extremely fresh fish, I've been to Zo, Sasabune, Kiriko, etc and Rokuan will not disappoint. The place is really small to expect a wait. It's full of asian customers. It beats any of the other sushi places nearby. And its owned and operated by a lovely japanese couple.

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                    I 2nd Koshie's recommendation. Around DB and within drivable distance, there are plenty but I like Rokuan better than Sushi Koyo as well as Jubei.

                    Sushi Koyo
                    868 N Diamond Bar Blvd, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

                    Jubei Japanese Cuisine
                    20627 Golden Springs Dr # 2K, Walnut, CA

                    Rokuan Restaurant
                    14230 Chino Hills Pkwy, Chino Hills, CA

                    Kyala Japanese Restaurant
                    1178 S Diamond Bar Blvd, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

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                      Rokuan. Definitely. Not a place for 50 kinds of rolls. But a purist's sushi. Generous cuts of fish, rice portions on the small side. They're famous for their uni, served just dripping and spilling over the curled edge of the nori. I am even more consistently blown away by their ramen. I have driven there from LA for ramen rather than eating at Daikokuya just minutes from my home.

                      327 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

                      Rokuan Restaurant
                      14230 Chino Hills Pkwy Ste B, Chino Hills, CA 91709