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Jun 22, 2007 06:52 AM

Montesano Bros Italian Deli and Catering

We just discovered this new deli in Eagle, PA. It is located in the old Wright's deli. It is just like Claudio's/ DiBrunos on 9th St in the Phila Italian Market. They have prepared food to take home and reheat or eat there. Great pork sandwiches. The four owner brothers are personable and funny. There are several tables outside.

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  1. It's in my general area (10 minutes) and is very good. Vinnie Montessano worked as the head chef at Ludwigs for several years where I attended several cooking classes. All the brothers are very friendly and the food really good. Their breads come from Phila. Great place for a real italian hoagie. They have a nice catering menu too.

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