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Jun 22, 2007 06:48 AM

Where can I buy a country ham? In Man. or Bklyn

I've called Blue Apron Foods, and i haven't yet tried whole foods, but i'd like to keep it to a smaller store. any suggestions?

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  1. Many of the meat markets in Chinatown sell country ham.

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      You may have to call in advance if you want a ham that hasn't been cut. Most of the Chinatown markets have slices of less than a pound as it is used by Chinese as a seasoning and as also added in a small dice to certain soups that have a large number of ingredients (for example, wintermelon with 10 ingredient soup)

    2. A whole one? That you soak and cook yourself in your large oven? I order from North Carolina. They also have pre-cooked and sliced; I vacuum-pack if I order too much.

      When in a hurry, I sub an Italian or French dry ham.

      1. Stein Meat Market, Brooklyn NY (Sunset park)

        1. My usual contribution...Fairway uptown.