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Jun 22, 2007 06:47 AM

Trinity in Keyport

I've been reading about this place coming and it looks like it is finally open:

Address: 84 Broad St., Keyport
Phone: (732) 888-1998
Cuisine: Mix of Asian, Latin American and Mediterranean.
Setting: Three levels seat 120 people inside a converted church.
Appetizers: $9 to $14.
Entrees: $18 to $24.
Alcohol: Two full bars, an indoor and outdoor lounge, and table service.
Hours: 11 a.m. to closing, seven days a week.

It is in a converted church.....I couldn't find a menu link yet....

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  1. I just read about the new place in the APP today. I hope Trinity does well.

    Wanted to add there is free parking to the side of the restaurant which could be a hot commodity busy nights given the proximity to Drew's Bistro & the corner 'pub' but hopefully not a big issue. However, Keyport's recently published summer events calendar will more than likely affect parking.

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    1. I've also been twice. Enjoyed the shredded flank steak very much the first visit but was disappointed in the chef's paella my 2nd visit. I'm still going to give this place time and I was told by friends from that area the chef was re-working the menu.

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        I was on my way to try drew's last night ( Haloween ) but it was closed.happened by chance to see this place.Beautifully lit from the outside with perfectly manicured gardens it looked like a very inviting church !It was only the fact that the doors were open that I peeked in and saw diners.
        For me the interior,with what seemed like a stage overlooking the dining area wasn't too appealing.The dimly lit space semed cavernous and hollow with only four diners seated.I glanced at the Menu which should have been posted outside IMO,and it looked very appealing though it looked as though it could be heavy on the wallet.It was due to this that I decided to check the reviews on here before I return ? Sadly not too much to read.I wonder if it will survive?
        I thought it amusing / disturbing that the brightest, biggest thriving looking buildings in this rejuvenated block are a tatoo parlor and Dunkin Donuts.C'est la Vie.

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          Ah the charm of Keyport IS its eclectic mix.

          As you know, only a few doors up, Drew's hasn't suffered for location. Trinity needs to improve but has the potential to be one of only a handful of "cuisine" offerings in a town better known for catching fish than preparing them. ('Cept Keyport Fishery-which totally rocks.)

          But, don't count Keyport out YET. Folks are hitting the town for finer dining-a long overdue happening.

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                thanks for the info on the updated menu.

                1. re: jerseymenus

                  Big changes in the Trinity menu. I'm going back next weekend, we'll see :)

        2. This menu looks pretty good. Is it as good as it looks?

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            Appears to be an older menu. Some dishes remain/some changed.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I am taking my family, including kids and grandparents this Thursday night and will make a full report afterwards.

              The menu looks good and I am looking forward to it.

              1. Fairly detailed review from Thursday night, 11/8/07.

                The restaurant is certainly both beautiful and comfortable. The old converted church has two floors of seating, and a lounge area downstairs, and looks like it can accomodate over 100 diners. There is a long, well stocked bar on the main floor and also a smaller bar in the lounge area. My overall impression of the space was very high.

                On to the food ;o)

                To start we were given a chinese soup spoon loaded with a citrus-sy fish ceviche. I loved it as did my wife, but the real shocker was that my usually fish shy son not only ate it, but asked for more.

                We were six for dinner with two children and the waiter was quick to placate my young daughter's hunger and lack of patience by bringing her some bread and butter right away. With her happily munching on what I later found to be some really excellent breadsticks and rolls, we ordered drinks. My cane rum mojito was good and our waiter was again very helpful in offering a taste of his suggested Reisling for later on.

                My family (except for me) are not huge eaters so my wife and parents shared an asparagus soup and a caeser salad (called "brutus" salad on the menu) while I had the wild boar arepas to start. Simply put - get the arepas! That boar was as good as the pork I drive to Momofuku in NYC for. And the three small corn arepas and accompanying salsas were delicious as well. Easily the best thing I ate and as good a dish as any I have had in any restaurant.

                The asparagus soup was also very good, creamy, but not too heavy and full of fresh flavor. The brutus salad was the only mediocre starter and that was due to the overly tart and thin dressing. I prefer my caeser with a more traditional creamy dressing. My wife, who ordered the salad, found it perfectly fine and liked the big pieces of freshly shaved parmesean. She thinks I am too picky, but I know what I like.

                For mains we had (and I tasted and shared them all ;o) veal, filet mignon, rib eye, chicken, and short ribs. The mashed potatoes and steamed vegetable sides for the steaks were very good and a big hit with our 8-year-old mashed potato expert. All the meats were cooked as ordered and it was easy to tell that they use top qulaity meat.

                My short ribs came in a sweetish sauce with a side of forbidden rice and korean-style cabbage and veggies. Even though I usually prefer short ribs in a more savory style, I liked this dish very much as did all who tried it. But perhaps the best dish was the veal chop with a marsala/demi glace reduction and mushrooms. From the thick chop to the plate-scrapingly good sauce, this was terrific.

                The kids each ended with a good sized dish of gelato, graciously served to them downstairs in the lounge in front of the big screen tv. The adults were mostly full, as the mains were very generously sized (in fact, we have enough for a dinner or two left over), but we did share a "chocoholic" something. It had three different things on it. I remember the flourless cake disappearing far too quickly, and their dark chocolate gelato was very intense, but I forget the third thing on it.

                With our (very good - I am a big coffee snob) coffee we were given some really good cookies that tasted of nuts. I wish I had some of them this morning.

                The total bill for the six of us came to $330, so my thought is that a couple having drinks, a glass of wine, appetizers, mains and dessert will spend about $150. But my parents, having only a glass of wine and the mains would have spent less than $40 per person. And with the complimentary amuse, salad, and cookies still likely had leftovers from the huge mains to bring home.

                Me, I will be back soon and happily spend in the top end to enjoy more of the very interesting menu. In fact, I would be very interested in having a chowhound gathering here and seeing about a tasting menu.

                If there is any interest in that, don't post here, as per the board rules, email me at: