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Jun 22, 2007 06:13 AM

How's the NYC Morimoto?

I've only been to the one in Philly, and loved it. I'm looking for an uberspecial place to take the boyf for his 31st.


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  1. The Philly Morimoto is much better. Was slightly disappointed by NYC one last summer. I'd try somewhere else - or go back to the Philly one.

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      I recently had a birthday celebration there and it was fantastic. They definitly made us wait even though we had a reservation and someone had called to mention that this was a big celebratory dinner. After waiting about 15 minutes they seated us in a "pod" which is a little enclosed glass private area near-ish to the sushi bar so we could watch. You can hear just about anything in the pods and you can see everything as well - it's a fun way to entertain. The food was incredible. I had some non-fish eaters who ate lots of shrimp tempora and blackened cod, and hardly complained. Those dishes never get old for me. The rest of the meal was heaven and although I know people skoff at this restaurant., I had a great time and recommend giving it a try.

    2. i have been there 3 times and always have left happy. not cheap, but always very good.

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        I had a phenomenal birthday dinner last year. Best omakase I've had yet in the city.

      2. My meat and potato's hubby eats steak at almost every restaurant that isn't Italian. He had the Kobe beef and said it was one of the best steaks he's every had and he's eaten his share of Kobe beef.

        1. I have been there four times trying the omakase by Chef Morimoto and the general tasting and a la carte. The $200 omakase was amazing and was probably one of the best omakase I had so far. The chef tasting ($120) and a la carte were down right unimpressive. In fact the food (esp. the sushi and sashimi) was what I considered pathetic and probably worse than a lot of the small Japanese neighborhood joints. Servers were very inexperienced. Unless you are going for the omakase I will not recommend going to Morimoto.

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            i agree about the sushi and sashmi, i think they are very weak (think the same about Nobu)....i like certain dishes like the rock shrimp tempura and beef carpaccio, but i think only certain dishes are good; agree about the omakase