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Jun 22, 2007 06:12 AM

visiting chicago - need recommendations

My husband and daughter (who is 7 years old) will be visiting chicago next week for two days. They will be staying at the Hilton.
They are already booked for an "american girl" breakfast.
Any other recommendations.....good pizza....a diner.......floating sushi bar??....
p.s. they dont eat meat or shellfish but eat fish (sorry for the complications..LOL)
Thanks in advance for your help.
When I visited Chicago last October...I went to a few restaurants recommended by chowhounds and I was one happy camper!!

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  1. A couple of recommendations on "proximity" and "pleasant ambience" if you're feeling lazy and just want to relax without paying a premium

    I can't speak to the quality of the sushi (I'm not a sushi fan), but it's right around the corner from you:


    It's far from the best diner in Chicago, but it's the closest. It bills itself as a deli, but the diner items IMO are superior. Good patty melt:


    And, if you or your daughter are fond of rich robust pancake breakfasts one of the best options is nearby:


    1. I'm responding to the 7 year old part. Pizza Due, Big Bowl (Asian noodles and stir fry), and Heaven on 7, with Cajun food (they have fish and veggie dishes) are all near the Marriott and Virgin Megastore on N. Michigan. Matsuya, on Clark near Wrigley Field, is a very good value for really decent sushi. My daughter, when she was that age, liked all of these places and they're informal and kid-friendly and entertaining. And, of course, there's Rainforest Cafe, which has some veggie pasta dishes IIRC. It's not real expensive, but there can be really long waits. Plus, you'll end up dropping more $ at the gift shop, but a fun place for dad and daughter.

      1. The floating sushi bar caught my eye. Is there a floating sushi bar in the chicago area? will also be visiting Chicago in a couple of weeks.
        Heaven on 7 looks good. Where is Pizza Due? Tried looking up in the computer and can't find it.

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          I have always been disappointed with Heaven on 7. It is fun and jumping and reasonably priced, but I have often found the food to be way to heavily spiced for me to enjoy it -- and I do not usually have a problem with heat. Just one person's opinion, I guess.

          Pizzeria Due is the sister restaurant to Pizzeria Uno, the original Chicago deep dish pizza that goes back to the 1940s. Uno and Due are right across street from each other on Wabash and Ontario. Uno is the original; Due is (a little) newer and a bit bigger.

          While there is a Pizzariao Uno chain that appears to be owned by the same company, the quality of the food is DRAMATICALLY different than what is served in the originals in Chicago.

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              oh! one more question, chicgail. What is a floating sushi bar? It sounds nice? Is there such a place in Chicago?

          1. Go to Ed Debevics!! It's an American style diner where the wait staff are VERY entertaining & interactive. Your daughter & husband will love the place. They can munch on Veggie Chili Nachos or Cheese Fries and have a Chocolate Malt. www.eddebevics.com

            1. all of these are great choices - I can not talk to oysy sushi - my favorite sushi place is kamehachi - http://www.kamehachi.com/ it is not a flotaing sushi bar -

              Also I would recommend Wishbone - http://www.wishbonechicago.com/site/e...