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Jun 22, 2007 05:47 AM

East Cuisine in Broadaxe, Review

hey folks,
Just had to mention a restaurant that I don't see anyone talking about, East Cuisine at the intersection of 73 and 202 in Broadaxe. They are the closest chinese/japanese place to our home, and we've enjoyed their food since we moved here 2 years ago. last night was no exception - a girlfriend and I went there for sushi. We had a variety of nigri and their spicy california rolls. Lovely presentation, attentive wait staff, lovely fish. The special last night was a spicy lobster roll, which I wish I'd asked about. Everything we had was delicious. The parking lot was packed, so I was concerned there would be a wait (we had a meeting to go to) but the place was practically empty. I guess all those cars were for the italian place farther up the shopping center or something.
Anyway, try them out. We'll be going again soon. :)

edit: btw, I should state that I am NOT a sushi expert, I'm a relative newbie. I'm going to take my hubby there soon for sushi - he knows more. But it all tasted very good and the cuts of fish were more generous than I've seen other places.

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  1. We have eaten there a few times and I agree, the quality and service is consistently very good. I hope the parking situation improves once they open the new Belgian restaurant across the street where the Broad Axe tavern was. On a seprate note, does anyone know what is going on with that restaurant? They seem to be making great progress - but it does not look like they could possible make the July opening. Regardless - I am really excited for it to open!

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      OMG - a belgian restaurant?? last I heard it was going to be offices - how cool! no, they don't look like they'll be ready to open in July - I just drove by yesterday and it looked like they are chipping the stucco (plaster?) off the original stone face of the building.

      We ordered carry out from East on Saturday, got several new-to-me maki rolls, and they were very yummy. :) We had the dragon, volcano and Phildelphia Eagles rolls, as well as spicy CA, and several pieces of nigri. We also ordered the veggie sushi sampler, but didn't eat it because we couldn't figure out what the veggies were! haha. we kept poking them - who'd think we'd be more afraid to eat veggies than raw fish. it cracked me up.

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        I heard it will be owned by the same owners of Eulogy (in center city) and will be called Bennelux. It will serve belgian food (and more importantly, beer!). Last I heard about that was in the spring, I hope plans have not changed! I am really excited about it!