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Hi All-

We are going to the Dells in a few days, and are seeking good food! Have to be able to take the kids though, but trying to avoid the chains unless they are worthy. PLEASE HELP!
Brewpubs are ideal, but other than that any style of food will work.

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  1. We'll be there in August and would love to see some ideas as well. In the 3 years I have been going with my wife's family, I have not found any "chowish" food in the Dells, though I would love to.

    There is a brewpub called Moosejaw Pizza on Dell's Pkwy (which may technically be in Lake Delton, I'm unsure), though the beer there is not terrific to be honest. We usually just end up cooking outselves, having brought ingredients with us as the Wal-Mart is the only grocery store we've seen there.

    1. There are several good options, though they are well-hidden needles in the haystack of crap.

      Try this thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/327879

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        We stay at the Wilderness and Field's is probably as close to good food as we've found in the area. The italian place, not so much our cup of tea...but our neices love it!

        I will save my comments on the food at Essen Haus, though we do like to go there for BOOTS!

      2. You're in luck. There are two great places in Lake Delton (just minutes from Wisconsin Dells proper). Both are so good that I would schedule a lunch stop the next time I'm travelling down on Hwy I-94.

        The Cheese Factory - Cheery place with good food (all vegetarian) and fabulous desserts. Very casual and good for kids. No alcohol, though.

        David's Jamaican Cuisine
        Tiny, casual, family-owned place with good island food. About as far from a chain as you can get. And they have beer.
        http://www.dells.com/whatsnew.html (scroll down to the "Restaurants" section).

        Note: David's seems to be an outpost of this Madison restaurant:

        I heard good things about Ishnala and the Del-Bar, but didn't have time to check them out when I was there. Not sure how kid-friendly they are, but hey - it's the Dells!


        1. With kids in the Dells, you have to go to Monk's for burgers. There are two locations, one next to the Wilderness, and one on the drag downtown. If you would like something nicer, the DelBar is a far above-average Wisconsin supper club.

          1. Moosejaw Pizza and brewing company might be good...but you will wait FOREVER for a seat; We pulled up at 4:45 and found the wait to be an hour and 30 minutes. Too bad...it's off to the Cheese Factory we go ;-)

            1. Ate at Moosejaw Pizza and Brewpub this weekend. I was pleasantly surprised. Had a french dip like prime rib sandwich, wife had a burger, others had hot wings, a club sandwich and personal pizza. Everything was pretty good pub type food. They had ten beers on tap and i sampled all of them. Worst were the watery lagers, best by far was the stout which was really good with a nice toastiness. Most interesting was a beer that used smoked peat infused barley. It took me a while to identify the flavor..thought it was a rauchbier at first. Setting is nice, but a bit cavernous. Try to sit in the bar area which was a better scale. Service was attentive, very friendly, and professional.

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                No words to describe Carvellis Pizza and Pasta in the Dells....beyonddd amaaazinggg is a good start...fresh pasta made on site...truly a gem


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                  If you ever can't get in Moosejaw they own a second location called Buffalo Phils. Ate there and it was pleasant. The best part is the gameroom os seprate and quite over the top (knuckleheads) with an indoor roller coaster, etc.

              2. Treat yourself and the beerlovin husband, leave the kids at the hotel, and go to the Del Bar. You deserve it.

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                  Not sure if this will help anyone now as many of the Lake Delton restaurants are having problems due to the floods.
                  We virtually live in the Dells area during the summer months. We rarely eat out unless we go to a local place.
                  I agree with the thumbs up for Del Bar, Carvelles, and Monks- great places. The kids would love Paul Bunyons because of the atmosphere, but the family style meals are below par.
                  One of our favorites is Ananda's-great hummos, tabouleh, and falafel. They are across from the wax museum.
                  If you feel like taking a drive west, Portage is only about 30 minutes west of the Dells and we have found a couple of gems hidden there.
                  There is an authentic Mexican restaurant near the Pierces supermarket (for the life of me, I can't think of the name...I will check and post it). Absolutely the best enchiladas with mole sauce that I have ever had. And there are no words that can describe their shrimp cocktail served with goat cheese, lime, and cilantro.
                  Also in Portage is a little hole in the wall place called Norm's Speedway. Had we not been with friends, I never would have entered the building-much less dine there. Boy was I wrong. It's clean, it's tiny, but they have some of the best breakfast food I've ever had. The serving are huge! Five egg omelets! Hash browns and American fries that are fresh. Fresh breakfast sausage patties that are as big as a cup saucer and by their non-uniformity (is that a word??) you can tell that they have been patted out by hand. A HUGE breakfast for two will come to about $15 including your tip!

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                    Rockfordchowhound: I'm a native Portagean, and the Mexican place you're talking about is La Tolteca. I've only had the chance to eat there once, but I remember it fondly.

                    Thanks for reminding me about Norm's - I've never been there, but it sounds fabulous. I'll have to take the fiance there the next time I'm in town.

                2. Go to High Rock Cafe ... the rasta pasta is great. Had a beer with Balck pepper in it, was really good. Great value as easily the best food in the Dells

                  1. I would go and check out the (fur fin feather) located out side the dells 13 miles best food around great price 3602 county rd b wi dells wi 53965. If you go for fish fry go early the place gets packed.Also HAVE 1/2 POUND BURGERS THAT TOP'S THE CAKE.