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Jun 22, 2007 04:45 AM

new american/diner in west 30s

i'm trying to recall the name of a cute little new american place i went to in the west 30s maybe a year ago. not a huge space, dim lighting and candle votives if i'm recalling correctly, and hearty, simple food. i had some kind of rosemary potato pizza and my friend had a steak--perhaps there's a Mediterranean or Italian theme to the menu, but if so it's not overwhelming (i.e. i don't recall it as an "italian" restaurant). any help? it was between 34th and 40th i believe, about 9th or 10th ave.

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  1. probably Market Cafe - 9th ave around 37th st.

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      Yeah, that's gotta be Market Cafe:


      They even have that pizza on their online menu.