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Garnishes for smoked salmon

  • Suzie Jun 22, 2007 04:30 AM
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I am getting a side of salmon for a small brunch I am doing and beside the regular egg, onion, dill, and capers what are some other things to serve with it? Also, a friend says with regard to the egg it should be served chopped but only use the white part, not the yellow. Seems to me I have always seen both yellow and white used. Any thoughts?

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  1. Dark, heavy pumpernickel and tangy sourdough, both thinly sliced, with chevre and good butter (like Kerrygold) for spreading on them. Lemon is good on the plate as well. A pepper grinder. And a bottle of well-iced vodka by the side!

    As for the eggs, there's no reason not to use both yolk and white.

    1. Cucumber curls might be nice. I love green against the pink of the salmon.

      1. For family parties I often poach a side of salmon in a simple courtboullion (water, white wine, peppercorns) until it is about medium--- for a typical side this will take maybe 10 - 12 minutes, then cool it and chill it. For serving I put it on this long narrow platter I have, skin side down; chop some dill and stir it into home-made mayonnaise (takes about a minute to make if if you have an immersion blender) or Best Foods/Hellmans); spread a nice layer of the dilled mayonnaise all over the surface of the fish; slice an English cucumber very thin and overlap the slices all over the surface -- so it looks sorta like scales, see?; and decorate the platter with more dill and slices of lemon. I set it out with a serving fork and very sharp knife and let people cut their own pieces. It disappears fast.

        1. as to your egg question... I have seen white _and_ yellow, but chopped and served separately as a side for smoked salmon and also caviar.

          1. I get thinly sliced pumpernickel bread and cut into triangles, and bake at low temp until crisp. Arrange smoked salmon on large platter and garnish with some parsley sprigs and thinly-sliced lemon.
            For condiments, the following can't be beat: finely chopped red onion, capers, lemon wedges, chopped egg -- either yolks alone or add in the whites, finely chopped, and finally, horseradish. It is a condiment you don't see often with salmon, but believe me, it pairs like magic.