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Jun 21, 2007 09:19 PM

Solo Dining in Seattle

I'm a (young!) middle-aged guy visiting Seattle next week for the first time. Any dining tips that might be useful to a solo diner? Some cities (and some restaurants) seem more accomodating than others. I plan on hitting everything from dives to very upscale. Don't particularly like eating a fine meal at the bar, but at a dive it's OK. Advice?

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  1. Love Seattle! Was there over Memorial Weekend. Loved Steelhead Diner and their Manila Clam chowder. Salumi is great solo but, ya have to love salami's and cheeses. Not my cup o' tea. Here's my thread: Any of those places would be good solo spots. Take the 20 minute drive if you can and see Snowqualmie Falls and the Salish Lodge.

    1. Le Pichet (Belltown)- French Bistro- Lunch or Dinner
      Restaurant Zoe (Belltown) - Northwest Bistro.- Dinner
      Volterra (Ballard) - Tuscan Food- Dinner
      Salumi (Pioneer Square)- Lunch
      Steelhead Diner (Pike Place)- Upscale NW Diner Food- Lunch
      Green Leaf (International District)- Vietnamese
      Palace Kitchen (Downtown)- Late Night Dining. American Food.