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Jun 21, 2007 09:15 PM

Has Anyone Made Food & Wine's Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Filling?

They look good. Here's a link to the recipe:

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  1. Yep! But I don't think my review will be very helpful. I made the colossal mistake of using the Ghiradelli chocolate mix instead of cocoa powder (misread the jar) and when I baked they turned into a huge mess. A tasty mess, but a mess nonetheless. Since they were for my dad's birthday I made a second batch and forged ahead, but the first batch had been SO time consuming, and used so many bowls and utensils, I went online and googled "homemade hostess cupcakes" and used a recipe I found there. It used one bowl and was super easy.

    I did, however, since I already had the ingredients, use the F&W icing and filling recipes. Both extremely delicious. I probably could have sat there with a spoon and eaten the filling straight.

    All in all, they looked gorgeous when I was done. I'm not usually a very adventurous baker, so I was really pleased. Bottom line is, based on how tasty my messed up recipe was, how tasty the part I did make was, and how great the final presentation was, I'd say it's worth it for a special occasion. But again, quite time consuming (not even counting my mishap).

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      Reading this makes me realize that the PERFECT birthday present for a good friend of mine would be a nice batch of these............ Looking forward to hearing a more positive review than Charmed's experience!

      If not - Charmed, which easier recipe did you end up using?

      1. re: laurendlewis

        I've made something similar with a different cake recipe (but very similar):

        I filled w/ a similar filling w/ buttercream and fluff and topped w/ ganache, like the recipe. Then I used white chocolate and piped little curlycues, like a hostess cupcake.

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          Honestly, I don't remember, sorry lauren! I know I found it via google, and not on a particularly well known site. (Like, it wasn't on allrecipes or epicurious or some fancy food blog.) I remember it took one bowl -- you sifted together the dry ingredients, made a well in the middle, then added the liquids and whisked together. I also remember it called for vinegar, which I thought particularly strange. I guess it also used baking soda, as opposed to baking powder. Anyways, the batter was very very thin, but they baked up fine. I hope those details help a little if you decide to go looking for it!

        2. re: charmedgirl

          I may try these for a Monday birthday. If so, I'll report back.

        3. I haven't used that recipe but this one is excellent

          1. Update: I made these yesterday and they were great. The cupcake recipe would be very good on its own as well, if the whole recipe seems OTT. Anyway, they were just like a very, very good Hostess Ding Dong (I used Valrhona cocoa and Callebaut 55% chocolate), and looked even better than the web photo.