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Jun 21, 2007 09:11 PM

Santa Monica Breakfast Place

I need a rec for a great breakfast place near the Del Fina Hotel on Pico and 4th. I like non-chains with good hash browns, pancakes and coffee. Thanks;.

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  1. Swingers on Lincoln is a good option. Cora's on Ocean is really popular, too.

    1. Jack'n'Jill's
      Snug Harbor
      John O'Groats

      1. The Firehouse on Main and Rose is my favorite breakfast place in that area- hands down.

        1. Omlette Parlour on Main...oh wait, no hash browns...darn. But very good, fresh food.
          Anyone have good hashbrown suggestions?

          1. Lazy Daisy on Pico near 23rd has great eggs, pancakes and coffee -- roasted potatoes, not hash browns. Sit outside under the awning, open during the summer till 7:30 pm.