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Jun 21, 2007 08:52 PM

Chef Laurent Quenioux (nee of Bistro K) cooking at Vermont this week ...

... any reports? What's on the menu?

And, more importantly, any news of where Chef Quenioux will be planting roots, and when those roots will sprout?

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  1. Are you sure? Is he here just for a week? And what days does this cover -- through the weekend or through next weekend?

    I was a regular at Bistro K since it's our neighborhood joint. MISS Laurent terribly. I'll be happy to come eat his food at Vermont, but please tell me what nights he'll be there. I prefer a weeknight when he's not crushed by the crowds and has time/leisure to have fun with his food!

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      Wasn't he the guy at 7th St. Bistro years ago (like 1992)? Spleichel's ex-partner who never seems to have made a go of a restaurant despite what seems to be an extraordinary talent. Spleichel also had a real talent but parlayed it into a string of mediocre restaurants (except Patina which is less than mediocre for its price range) in which he doesn't even have to work.

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        yep -that's him...and appears true, re inverse correlation between his talent and the longevity of his restaurants, but it almost seems to be more by his choice than fate...(and you did spell Splichal the right way for Mr. Joachim S. in '04). ;-)

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          I always spell Splichal "Spleichel". I think he got it wrong.

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        Call to confirm, but I believe Laurent is guest-cooking at Vermont for this week only (through Friday??).

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          He was a guest chef at Vermont for a couple of nights last month. I never made it to Bistro K when he was there and I'm sorry to have missed out.

      3. It was late May and mid June that he was at Vermont. His website for Bistro K is still up, menus still posted to make us weep, I guess, and here is the menu for his stint at Vermont:

        I did not go, as the Vermont prices were not of the Bistro K variety, as you will see. I've never liked Vermont much anyway. I hope when Quenioux opens again that the resto will not completely stray from the Bistro K model, but if he goes higher, well, he does deserve it. I think he is the best chef in the city. And passionate, and cares. I contacted him via his website once after one of the extraordinary meals I had at K, to share why I thought it so, and he responded personally right away. I have been on his email list ever since---waiting for the one that lets us know when Quenioux will have a bistro again. If someone knows, please do share and spread the news.

        1. If things go according to plan. LQ's new place will be situated in downtown opening very late '07 or early '08. He has some exciting ideas.

          The Vermont gig is a guest chef. It's $80 for just the food. It's possible LQ will show up in the guest chef role at another friends restaurant this year.

          If you are on his email list from Bistro K, you will be updated by email.

          And yes...I miss BK terribly.

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            looks like potatomato made it to Vermont...see photos . Thanks, potatomato!


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              ...another person who mourns the passing of BistroK. I wish we'd gone more often. To have had such a charming place, with inventive but not fussy food, unbelievable prices and no corkage. What's that they say about " don't know what you've got 'til it's gone?" I'm sure we'll visit Laurent's new restaurant, but you can't beat being able to stroll in to a small, local boite with a bottle of good wine. I don't begrudge Laurent for getting the recognition/income he deserves, but we miss BistroK. I'd appreciate hearing if you've found small, local (Pas, SoPas) places to "replace" BistroK. We need to get over to Cafe Beaujolais. I was turned on to Briganti (thank you) on this site which we really like.

            2. I received notice that Chef Quenioux is cooking again at Vermont, July 8 and July 9.
              The menu has changed, I suggest you check his website. Or Vermont's.

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