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Jun 21, 2007 08:20 PM

Vegas Off-Strip?

We're spending a few days in Vegas in Jul/Aug. 2 nights at THEhotel with all the Mandalay has to offer.

Also want to do 2 nights off strip, have deals with JW Marriott or Ritz Carlton. I know Marriott has more restaurants, and their upscale restaurant has some good writeups (can't recall name, sorry) but if you were looking for some R&R along with good food, where would you stay?

And are Rosemary's or Lotus of Siam closer to either of these out of the way spots?


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  1. definitely go to Lindo Michoacan and get the guac made tableside and the fresh tortillas - and anything else too - killer Mexican food in a very local place.

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      Good, nay great call, but Bonito Michoacan on Decatur is closer and offers an identical menu and experience.

      And to the OP, to be that close to Rosemary's and not go would be a crime against chowhounding. Best overall meal experience and value in town.

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          1. Thank you all!! Really appreciate the hotel comments, not sure of the off-topic penalties, so thanks.

            Part of me can't even imagine wanting to eat at all in that heat, LOL, but I'm guessing we'll do ok.

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              My husband and I spent a couple of weeks in Vegas last January. We read some amazing reviews of Lotus of Siam and so we gave it a try. We weren't expecting much in the way of ambiance, but we also found the food to be very ordinary. It is definitely not the best Thai food I've ever had. If I lived in the neighbourhood, I might go back to LOS from time to time, but I think for an out of town visitor they are a lot better options. Other than LOS, we ate mostly on the strip. We had some really great steaks one night at Binion's Steak House which is downtown and has a great view over the city. There is another old-school steak house, Hugo's Cellar, also located downtown that I've seen reviewed on tripadvisor Vegas forum. I think I'll give it a try next time I'm in town.

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                Lodging discussion is out of scope for this board, the focus of the board is where to find great CHOW in the Las Vegas area.

                Please help us maintain the value of this forum as a resource for finding great chow.


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                  Hi there The Chowhound Team,
                  I would highly suggest Firefly...it's off the strip, its in the same strip mall as Ruth Chis (Tropicanna/Flamingo area).
                  I aksed a our server at L'Atelier where he would go off-hours even if he couldn't use any perks...he suggested it, it was wonderful.
                  Tapas style, great wine list, serves very late...sure enough, you'll see many chefs after theie shifts, enjoying a bite and a drink.