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Unusual/good bottled beer besides WF/Bristol Farms?

So the best place to try something that's not coors light is a place where they have beers on tap. However that's not always an option. You can get interesting beers at Whole Foods and Bristol Farms (some locations better than others). I was wondering if there were any other places that carry good/interesting/unusual beers by the bottle? Anything interesting out there online?

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  1. Cost Plus has a decent selection. That's where I get my Unibroue.

    1. Wally's on Westwood - they specialize in wine, but they have a beer section that has a lot of different stuff.
      Trader Joe's can sometimes get some good brews.
      For beer online, I think bevmo.com has it covered.

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      1. Beverage Wharehouse off Culver Blvd.
        Galco’s on York Blvd

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          i love beverage warehouse!

          4935 McConnell Ave Ste 21
          Los Angeles, CA, 90066

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            Beverage Warehouse is great.

            Nice people working there, too.

            One thing about the good/great imported beer you'll find at these places ... it costs noticeably more compared to what domestic/obvious-import drinkers are paying.

            Six packs of Belgians -- I've been doing the Belgians lately, which is why I originally went to BW -- start at like 11 dollars and go up from there. (I could be off by 50 cents, but it's something like that.) A six-pack variety pack is like 16 dollars.

            On the other hand -- the Belgians get you drunker, faster. I've never checked the proof, but two Belgian Ales feel like four cans of Coors or whatever.

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              Many Belgians have a higher alcohol content. but the true Zymurgist and beer lover drinks and samples a wide array of beers for much more beyond "getting drukner, faster".

              In fact, evovling beyond drinking to get slammed is key to true beer/wine/spirit apprecition.

              Once one grows beyond that point, one can truly savor the nuances and variations in beer styles, wine varietals and vintages, and spirits

              Belgians have gone so far as to decree what type of glass each beer should be served in.

              Now that's being serious about your beer.

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                On the other hand, Belgians LOVE to get slammed.

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                  Well, some of them. The monks who make the beer wouldn't admit to it.

                  I think Belgians can hold thier beer better, too, since they are used to drinking more beer that is usually stronger.

                  Europeans aren;t as rude when slammed, too, for the most part.

                  A good few books about beer drinking and travels to read are "Three Sheets to The Wind"-about beer travels in Europe and the US and "Travels With Barley"-about beer travels in just the US.

        2. On the west side (weighted by size of selection):

          Beverage Warehouse previously mentioned
          Wine House on Cotner
          Wine Expo on Santa Monica
          Jerry's on Wilshire
          Surf Liquor on Main
          Davy Jones Liquor Locker on Ocean.

          Little mom and pop liquor stores are a constant source of surprise. I discovered Davy Jones because I was driving by and was thirsty. Went in for a coke and they had Hanssens Gueze and a few other Belgians and a pretty good selection of West Coast craft beer.

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            I never knew that about Davy Jones.

            I've driven by it a thousand times and never stopped in.

            Thanks for the tip.

          2. Try the Stuffed Sandwich on Las Tunas in San Gabriel.. they have literally hundreds of bottled beers plus many on tap. The sandwiches are decent and the owner is a real character. Here is the website: http://www.stuffedsandwich.com - they also have a fairly decent wine selection, too, but the beer selection is amazing.

            1. BevMo has all these beat for in store and online

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                If you're looking for a big selection of large production micro and macro beer, BevMo is your place. The number of times I've seen a Rare beer on the shelves at BevMo is nil.

                My other problem with BevMo is bright lights, room temperature and not enough movement of the micros. I've had skunked or stale sixers more often than not.

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                  I did a previous post above about the Stuffed Sandwich. You can go to their website and see a full menu of what beers they have in stock, most of which are sitting in temp controlled warehouses. I don't know much about beers so I don't know how rare they are but I'd be willing to be their selection is better than BevMo's.

              2. Bevmo-but Bevmo IS NOT the best. You can't break up sixers at bevmo!
                I second/recomend

                Vendome in Toluca Lake on Riverside. If you go on Saturday's between 2 and 5, Scotland does a beer tasting. They have a good selection! Probably one of the best. Cold and on shelves.

                Galco's-not just soda, good beer too!

                Beverage Warehouse

                But Vendome and the weekly beer tasting (Toluca Lake only) are probably your best option. Scotland knows a good amount about beer of all types, too. tell him Diana sent you.

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                1. I haven't been to Galco's in awhile, but last time I was there, they had a small but interesting collection of beers.

                  1. Hi Times in Costa Mesa. Our son-in-law works for the Alaska Brewing Co and knows a lot about beer. He loves to go there when he is in town.

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                      You lucky duck.. Alaska is good stuff, especially the smoked porter!

                    2. Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I had a chance to check out three places last Friday. Ranked in order of best choice:

                      1) Wine House on Cotner
                      2) Wine Expo on Santa Monica
                      3) Jerry's on Wilshire

                      It looks like Stuffed Sandwich is a must, and i'll check out the beverage warehouse at some point. It's out of my way a little bit though.

                      The Wine House in particular was a great suggestion. They have a very nice selection of ales (not to mention wines, very good wine store as well). I think their prices were better than Wine Expo and Whole Foods. My only concern is their bottles are not refrigerated.

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                        I'm thinking you'll be good even without the refrigeration at the shops listed... the turnover on most of their products are pretty high... Most imports come slow boat anyway...

                        Don't know if you're ever in the South Bay but if you're looking for a pub with great brew selections on tap as well as in bottles, give Naja's Place on the Redondo Beach Pier a try... very laid back, decent food, and the live bands are fun and pretty darn good too...


                      2. Captain Cork on Hillhurst in Los Feliz doesn't have a bad selection. A bunch of beers from Belgium and the UK, including stuff you don't see at (most) other places.
                        As mentioned elsewhere in the thread, Bevmo has a pretty good beer selection and good prices.
                        Cost Plus occasionally has good stuff.

                        I read somewhere (I think on here) about a 7-11 somewhere in the LA area with a great selection of Belgians and microbrews, but can't remember exactly where it was... a search would probably turn it up.

                        My friend works at Colorado Wine Co. in Eagle Rock, and I believe they carry some good beers from time to time, though not many. I think they had big bottles of Moinette in there for a while.