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Local sea scallops - how do you cook them?

My fishmonger is getting them in tomorrow.Have been cooking them in the pan with garlic and oil, scampi style, and would like a change. Does anyone have a minimalist recipe- grilling, broiling or sauteing?

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  1. Could you please give a little more detail.....are they bay scallops? Diver scallops?

    1. If they're still in the 1/2 shell, whack them on the BBQ with a little splash of Pernod and some dill.

      1. Out of shell? Fairly big? Kosher salt, very quick sear in a little toasted seasme oil, take out of the pan and deglaze pan with mirin and -- depending on how moisture they give up -- a touch of white wine or sake.Reduce to a nice sauce. Decorate plate with sauce and put scallops on top. How easy is that?

        1. My favorite is season w/ S&P and sear in a combo of butter and olive oil til seared but not opaque, and remove to a plate. Deglaze pan with lemon juice, then add cream or half'n'half and tarragon. Return scallops to pan and finish cooking and coating with glaze. Serve with roasted asparagus.

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            chop them up raw, add some jap[anese may, hot sauce and some tobiko and serve over summer greens.

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              I know what I am having for dinner tonight. Was just looking at the tarragon in my garden this am, and was thinking of a chicken dish with a tarragon cream sauce, b ut I think I will stop at the fish market on the way home and have scallops instead. Thanks!!

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                Let me know if you come up w/ something great... Always looking for new scallop and tarragon combos!

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                  Nope- made them just the way you posted. Delicious. Am thinking I need to come up with a tarragon cream sauce to serve over pasta- maybe with grilled shrimp. Maybe use some chicken broth, butter,cream and tarragon? Having my brother and family over, and his kids love seafood, and love pasta. This will be an easy weekday meal served with some bread and a salad. My 5yo nephew's favotire meal is salad! Go figure. We serve the salad European style- because if we served it brfore the meal, he would have no room left for dinner. Strange but true.

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                forgot to include that i also add a little sauv blanc to the deglazing as well (or other white wine if it's open instead).

              3. season w/ a lil herb de provnce,sea salt......sautee in duck fat w/ a lil raspberry vinagarette

                1. Mmmm. Just don't overcook them. I like to put them in a pan with a small amount of butter and olive oil and a small amount of white wine. I cook them at a fairly high heat, somewhere between medium and high. Pour them out onto a plate and squeeze some fresh lemon on top. Sometimes a little lemon zest or orange zest is a nice addition, too. The taste is so sweet and rich that I don't like to overpower them with rich sauces. Once I was at a friend's house and she cooked fresh scallops for about ten minutes on a high heat and it was like eating little rubber hockey pucks. They were so awful. I kept wanting to grab for the pan as those little things got more and more overdone and smoke rose through the rafters, but remembered my manners. It was painful.

                  Ask your fishmonger about bay scallops, too. Even BETTER, in my mind. But again, just lightly cooked is best.

                  1. The most common preparation is searing them in butter and olive oil, Dry them really good first....high heat...dont move them around....maybe a couple minutes on one side and a minute and a half on the other. Goal is a like a filet mignon...crispy and brown outside, just warm in the center.
                    Serve on spring greens or with a little citrus or wine pan sauce or whatever tickles your fancy.

                    1. Try them raw. If they're that fresh, a little lemon juice and black pepper is all you need. Is that minimalist enough? Really. Fabulous. You may want to slice them and fan them out on the plate. Pure taste of the sea.
                      BTW, check to see of the fishmonger has the roe. Delicious!

                      1. Its done a lot and nothing new, but I like to wrap them in prosciutto, and brush with rosemary and olive oil and grill or broil them.