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Jun 21, 2007 07:40 PM

Good eats in Baytown, La Porte, Kemah, Seabrook area and Galveston

Hubby has to go to Baytown for a few days for work. The kids and I are tagging along. When I did a search, I did not find any recent reports for this area. Where can we find good food? No chains, please.

We may spend one day in Galveston. Any "must visit" places?

Also, we will want to have at least one really nice dinner. We are certainly willing to go into Houston. Any thoughts?

BTW, the kids are 11 and 10, well behaved, good diners.

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  1. Topwater Grill in San Leon for good fried gulf seafood, the oyster specials are good as well. Try the Torpedoes. Just read something in Robb Walsh's column about an interestingly thick but good CFS at T-Bone Tom's but have never been personally.

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      I have been to T-Bone Tom's..good food great outdoor patio area near the boadwalk, I have ben told that they have the best crawfish this season. GOOD CFS and cream gravy. For more specific directions, let me know.If you are going to Galveston there are several places that have great food. The Original has great mexican, for a change f pace The Mosquito grill has some really great fresh foods, I believe they have a website.

      I know there have been several threads about more specific galv eateries...kinda hard to find bad seafood there.

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        T-Bone Tom's sounds good. Where is it? Thanks for your help!

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          T Bones is right on 146. Cannot miss it....big red building with a cow on their sign...or at least it was there, they recently did some face lifts.

          Their website is
          should help you get a more specific idea...they have great outdoor concerts on most summer evenings, if you are interested! It is warm though, dress light

    2. Sue, I live in the Baytown/Mont Belvieu/Dayton area. Mexican food in Baytown at El Toro's is good or at Donnelly's (which is very small). We always eat at Iguana Joe's on 146 just north of I10. Willie G's in Galveston is fabulous (seafood and steaks both). Galveston has lots of interesting places to visit like Moody Gardens, etc. Kemah is fun and a shopper's paradise not to mention the carnival rides for the kids. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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        mchi75, we just got back from El Toro's. It was very good. We loved the green sauce ---- perhaps a combination of guacamole and sour cream? My hubby eats at Iguana Joe's often when he is here. So, I'm sure we will try it before we leave. We will be heading to Kemah this afternoon.

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          How was your trip? Did you experience any great meals?

      2. Thanks for all of the recs. We were able to hit a few before we ran out of time.

        Baytown ---
        - Tortuga - my hubby's favorite place to eat when he goes to Baytown to work. I was not impressed. My fajitia steak salad had wet, limp lettuce, although the steak itself was good.
        - El Toro - enjoyed. See post above.

        Kemah --- We made it to T-Bone Tom's and had a blast. The rain earlier in the day had cooled the area, so we were able to eat outside in relative comfort. I had the CFS and it was awesome! The mashed potatoes left a bit to be desired. The green beans were from the can, but were well seasoned. Hubby's ribeye was slightly overcooked, but was still good. The kids enjoyed their hamburgers.

        Houston -- Pappas Burgers - Great hamburgers. Great service. Since it was our first visit there, our server gave each of the kids a Texas sized chocolate chip cookie. They said that the cookies were delicious, but they did not offer to share a bite with me.

        Galveston -- Casey's. Tasty "homemade" salad dressing with fresh greens. The grilled shrimp was very good with au gratin potatoes. Rice also came on the plate but I did not eat it. The kids were pleased with their chicken and sandwiches.

        Unfortuately, hubby got stuck working late a couple of evenings. One night we tried to get to Iguana Joe's and then to Baytown Seafood, but both had already stopped serving. We ended up eating in chains those two nights. I really hate that we missed Topwater Grill. I also hate that I missed out on any kolaches. I guess we will just have to go back again soon. Again, thanks for the help, fellow chows.

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          I am glad it was a yummy trip! Topwater Grill is worth the drive if you ever get back this way!