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Jun 21, 2007 07:32 PM

Oh Bagel

Can anyone give a review, or some info. about Oh Bagel, on Coney Island Avenue between Ave.'s N and O, in Brooklyn?

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  1. It was shut down - did it reopen?

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      I have no idea. I just drove by, and saw the sign, which prompted my question.

    2. As of last October, they had the fixed idea that a latte is just a regular coffee with extra milk! I even brought up the wikipedia page for latte to show them the definition (1/3 espresso and nearly 2/3 steamed milk, poured into the cup together, with just 1 cm of froth on top), but they insisted that everywhere they'd worked before that was what a latte meant!

      1. I went in today for breakfast - food was great, place was clean - didn't have a bagel but eggs and home fries were good.

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          I stopped in about two weeks ago-- for the first time. The service was terrible. The owner/manager was incredibly rude when I hesitated as I placed my order. But I foolishly waited anyway. I ordered an iced latte (stressed that I wanted it very strong) and a pannini. I'll admit that as I waited I looked around at what most people were eating and saw that the eggs and home fries looked good. So that's probably the only thing worth having. I left the store without tasting the food first-- I was in a rush, big mistake. The roasted veggie pannini was bitter and just badly made in general. But the coffee was undrinkable. Not just weak but completely tasteless. It tasted like a bit of coffee, watered down milk, and lots and lots of ice. I would normally have gone back with the food but based on the manager's attitude toward me and others in line as I waited I doubted that I'd get any satisfaction.

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            I was there last week, had the eggs and home fries, they were good, but usually a breakfast special includes a bagel. And it says it includes a salad and when we asked for it the guy said "most people don't want it", I said I did so after some arguing I got a really gross and oily israeli salad.

            The service was pretty terrible, I was also barked at for taking too much time to order. There wasn't even anyone behind me.

            as far as Paninis, youve got to go to an Israeli place - and lattes- stick with starbucks/dunkin donuts

        2. I think you are talking about when it had different owners. New people bought it over last year and i personaly thing it has awesome food. My friends and go there at least 3 times a week. Their bagels are always fresh, and their make your own salads are huge.