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Jun 21, 2007 07:28 PM

New Sub Shop in Westwood

A new restaurant named Sub-something or Something-sub has taken over the Skewers spot next to Diddy-Riese on Broxton in Westwood Village. Anyone tried it yet? Any interesting variations on the theme? What are the prices? That spot has hosted a few failures, including Skewers (overpriced, underflavored) and a Hollywood Fries (not nearly as good as Benita's Frites; oh how I miss the one special destination on the Promenade).

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  1. It's called Socko's its really good, fresh, fast and cheap. I like it alot.

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    1. re: trojans

      Wait a minute -- "trojans" replies to recommend a place in westwood village? is this an underhanded plot to poison or at least take advantage of the ucla population? and what is "cheap" to a trojan, a sub for $12? ;-)

      let me give a point of comparison -- are the subs better and comparatively priced to Togo's, which is still available adjacent to usc on vermont but has abandoned westwood village and brentwood?