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Jun 21, 2007 06:40 PM

east village bar, friday (6/22) afternoon?

quick version: i'm looking for a good east village bar on friday afternoon - cocktails or belgian beers preferred, for 1 and maybe later 2 people. any suggestions?

longer version: heading down to the city, most of my friends who are working can't get off work, are on long weekends, sick, etc. so i've got lunch with one at about 1230, another at wd-50 at 6, and i figured i'd check out chikalicious sometime around 3. i know i'll be stuffed, but i love wd, and want to check out chik...

my friend *may* be able to get downtown by 530, so we could grab a drink in LES near wd. similarly, since i'm popping into chikalicious solo, i'd like to either find another neat spot (non-foodie) to go to for an hour after chikalicious, or a bar that has the aforementioned nice cocktails or belgian beers. i know there's the place on west 5th near the basketball courts, which is cool, but i won't be over that side unless nothing else pops up.

sorry for the last minute posting...but any help would be appreciated. thanks!

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  1. zum schneiders on C & 7th - bavarian bar. might not open til 4pm.

    1. Angel's Share is on 9th St and 3rd Ave, a quick walk from Chikalicious.

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      1. re: rose water

        I don't think Angel's share opens until 7pm though.

        I can't think of any serious cocktail places in the area that open around 5:30pm. I think PDT or Death & Co. might open at 6pm. Or try out Rayuela? That's pretty new.

        For beer, perhaps Burp Castle is a little less out of the way than Zum Schneiders?

      2. thanks for the leads! the suggestions were right up what i was hoping for; i couldn't hit up some of those places (which i've wanted to try) because of their opening hours, but zum opens @4, rayuela @530 (and right near wd), so that works out perfect. i'll followup soon with thoughts on my day. thanks!

        1. other idea, if not too late, is Mud Spot on 9th between first and second. It is a nice coffee shop where you can hang out as long as you like and they have funky beers and wine. Best of all is the back garden!

          1. DBA opens at 1pm, has a big garden, and features lots of Belgian beers among its many offerings. it's also on 1st Avenue between 2nd and 3rd Streets, making it very convenient to the LES.


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            1. re: Andrew P.

              wish i had seen this earlier about DBA! but at least i know for the next time. we grabbed a drink later at tapeos (more in a sec), but:

              -> chikalicious won't serve wine without dessert at 4pm even if 4 seats are vacant at the 'bar'.
              -> rayuela really won't let you in before 530 (as in, 515).

              my friend was late, so we couldn't grab a drink at rayuela's and still get over to wd. however, after we left wd-50, we went to tapeo's up the street (29 clinton) and my friend was quite impressed. we each had one drink ( i had a mojito, i forget what he had) but they were both good; however, the smell and the selection of the food was what got to him, said it reminded him so much of spain, and the people who were the agreed the food was quite good.

              i checked around, can't find anything about it (tapeo's), but the next time in in the LES and looking for that, i'm definitely going back...

              1. re: bob gaj

                oh, also - current wd 50 tasting menuL

                hamachi / beet / wakame / pine sorbet (amuse)
                shrimp / tarragon macaroons
                foie gras in the round
                sweetbreads, cabbage - kaffir, water chestnuts
                the beef tongue dish that everyone's heard of
                the miso soup / noodles dish that all have heard of.
                surf clam /watermelon / chinese beans /garlic chive. AMAZING.
                lamb belly (as bacon) , black chickpea, cherried cucumber. lamb part great.
                argan oil horchata, cantaloupe, carob
                fried butterschotch pudding, mango, taro, smoked macadamia
                soft chocolate, avocado, licorice, lime
                "cool" (it was hot) black currant jelly.