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Jun 21, 2007 06:39 PM

Good Chinese Dinner

Hey... I'm looking for a good chinese restaurant for a dinner... Good service.. good food. We always end up at some pretty bad restaurants that charge much more than they deserve so I got pissed off this time and said I was going to pick the place. Now I have to deliver. And I turn to the Chowhounds :)

Can you guys suggest some good chinese places for dinner.. traditional chinese... LWH is probably out of the range.. but I've seen people mention Spadina Garden.. Asian Legend...King's Garden.. Ambassador? I'm just wondering about the price ranges and locations of these places? Also if there are any more suggestions anything's welcome... I'm thinking middle of the range or upper-middle..

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hua Sang on Baldwin has never failed me. Order the 2 lobster special ( $27.00) with ginger and green onion. The people that work there are quite friendly as well.

    1. Dragon Dynasty hasn't been mentioned on this board for some time.
      I prefer it to Ambassador.
      There was a discussion this week on lobster, and I had forgotten that they will steam a lobster western style.
      We have ordered it in the past.
      I have not been there for months, but I think that they serve a nice meal, and they are very patient with non- Chinese speaking diners.
      Having said this, I have not eaten at several of the new upper end restaurants mentioned here recently, so I can't compare.

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        Down town - King's Garden ( King Street )
        Up town - Jade Dynasty ( Finch/Leslie )
        Way Up Town - O Mei ( Hwy7/ Valleymede )

      2. You got some good suggestion above. Especially I think King's Garden in downtown is something for you. You can always ask the server to recommend you some of their famous dishes if you are not sure, usually they are pretty helpful. Get a bowl of rice and order the dish "braised Oxtail in Red Wine in a Clay Pot", it is delicious and one of my fav in King Garden. I have not been there recently, but I think they should still be good.

        Umm.. You said you always end up with bad chinese food. May I ask what do you usually order and which restaurant you have bad experience with ? Hopefully, you do not order spring roll :)

        1. King's Garden is in the "Theatre distric" downtown, near King and Simcoe. Asian Legend has several locations, the original one in Chinatown, Dundas and Beverly. Spadina Garden is near the Eaton Centre. Ambassador is North of the city - Markham is it?

          Let us know your location and whether you'll be driving around and there might be more suggestions.

          1. Great suggestions, I just highly recommend against Asian Legend!

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              I'm in North York.... what's the best mid-range priced restaurant of the mentioned?

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                None of the downtown ones are really worth travelling to, because you are near Scarbourough already, where you can find good ones. Ambassador sounds like the best. Can someone give directions?