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Jun 21, 2007 06:37 PM

Sushi express - huge disappointment

We went to Sushi Express on Beacon tonight for a low key sushi meal. We've eaten there several times in the past, and usually like the casual setting and decent/inexpensive sushi. It's sadly gone downhill. A toro special was horribly tough and stringy. Rolls were lacking in quality all around. This used to be a decent place for inexpensive Japanese, but I'm sorry to say we won't be returning. On the brighter side, a couple of cakes (Chocolate mousse w/bananas and Orange Dream) from Japonnaise cheered us up afterwards!

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  1. Sushi Express is Japanese owned and operated with more traditional nigiri and sashimi as their common fare. They don't specialize in rolls, since they serve more traditional style sushi. If rolls are you thing, go to one of the more Americanized style sushi places.

    I've never had anything buy decent sushi there.

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      I love nigiri sushi and maki, although the BF only likes maki. Nonetheless, the toro (nigiri) was poor quality. Can't speak for the other offerings, as we only had maki last night. The chefs were very young, and I just didn't get a sense for the usual care and quality that goes into nigiri preparation.......

      1. re: Science Chick

        I agree that Sushi Express tends to be better at nigiri than maki. I almost never order maki, save for an occasional uni-avo roll. My advice is to stick to the popular items (salmon, maguro, unagi, hamachi). Since they turn over more quickly, you are probably getting fresher and better quality fish. When I stick to the 'safe' items, I've never had a bad experience. However, I've had poor toro, uni, sea bass and salmon belly (defrosted under running tap water..ugh) and still go back for the basics - I love their tamago! It's certainly true that the chefs are young and the quality of the sushi may be inconsistent, but it's almost impossible to find a place that serves nigiri with care and quality for just $1 apiece...

      2. re: eclip5e

        Maki sushi is very much a part of traditional Japanese sushi, so I'm not sure what you mean by that. Maybe not ones names spider maki and rainbow roll, but any decent sushi place should be able to offer good maki.

        I've never tried this place, but have been meaning to. Sadly, sounds like I don't need to go out of my way to make it there.

      3. I had a similar experience tonight Science Chick. I used to love sushi express: it was healthy fast food at a good price and close to my apt. Tonight I was shocked at how much they've slipped. The nigiri were very skimpy (about 1/2 inch wide!). I got a spicy yellowtail roll that was iffy. I'm very disappointed, I used to love this place. I hope they turn it around but with all the sushi options nearby I'll probably go elsewhere.

        1. I instinctively avoid the pairing of "toro" and "express." ;)