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Jun 21, 2007 06:37 PM

good food near riverhead, LI

heading out for the weekend, wondering where to eat--both high end for the birthday dinner (we're fans of seafood, spicy food and "world food") and also beach shack-type for lunches. any recommendations?

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  1. If you want real beach shack food, try "The Shack" which is on the beach in Meschutt Beach in Hampton Bays on the east side of the Shinnecock Canal, Peconic Bay side. The steamers and tuna steak sandwiches are my favorites. More atmosphere than food quality. For a waterside restaurant, the Meetinghouse Creek Inn has both atmosphere, good prices and good food. This is good for lunch and dinner.


    My favorite north fork restaurant is The Cooperage, in Baiting Hollow, which is more up-scale.

    I also like Farmer Bar, in Cutchogue, but getting in on a Saturday nite is not easy. They are also good for lunch. They have excellent barbecue fare.

    For very upscale, try Jedidiah Hawkins Inn in Jamesport or Stonewells at Cherry Creek Golf Course in Riverhead.

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      Jedidiah Hawkins Inn is lovely - wonderful and interesting food, with an emphasis on locally available products. Also some interesting LI wines.

    2. For high end, there are two excellent restaurants in Wading River, both on the back road. Michael Anthonys

      and La Plage.

      And as Fred19 recommended
      which I have only heard good things about.

      I'm not as thrilled with Cooperage as I used to be, for their atmosphere as well as food. Jedediah Hawkins: nice atmosphere, great service, but not worth the price for what you get in the end. We were a little disappointed with the food. Maybe for lunch? Heard they have great lobster rolls, and I think you can sit outside.

      For a fish shack, try Jerry and the Mermaid in town next to the Aquarium, you can sit outside at their picnic tables and see the river. They have some nicer menu items than a typical shack also, and a full bar to boot if that is your cup of tea.

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        I've only been to JH Inn for lunch - and I guess compared to Manhattan, I thought the prices were good value. The lobster roll is good!

      2. Funcho's, on Rte. 25 just west of downtown Riverhead, for extremely casual and reasonably priced tex-mex. My favorite things there are the "palta y pollo" wrap; chicken, yellow rice, onions, cheese, guac, and sour cream with a chili-lime dressing; and the very tasty chicken tacos and fish tacos. They have outside tables, and across the parking lot is Snowflake ice cream, with many tasty special flavors.

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        1. re: Pete G.

          Or for more authentic Mexican, Taqueria Mexico on Main St just east of the Aquarium, over the railroad tracks. They make wonderful mole dishes; all their daily specials are great, as are their homemade sauces and drinks. Small but there are tables to sit.
          Across from Funchos and Snowflake, since you want seafood, is Buoy One, fresh and imaginative dishes. They serve beer and wine too, and have outdoor tables, although unfortunately you're overlooking Route 25.

          1. re: coll

            Past by a place on 25 in Aqueboge called Miracle Snack Bar the parking lot was full. Does anyone know if it's any good

            1. re: scunge

              MODERN Snack Bar, it's been good since the '50s or earlier.

              1. re: scunge

                The one way to describe the Modern Snack Bar is comfort food. Meatloaf, prime rib, fried clams and great deserts. It is not fancy but the food is hearty and the prices are not off the wall.

                1. re: scunge

                  It is the MODERN snack bar. It has been there since the 50's Just great american fare and the best soft shell crabs on LI. voted that by Dan's Papers. The parking lot being full should have been your clue the place is great.

              2. re: Pete G.

                I wholeheartedly agree with Funcho's and the Snowflake for cheap options. Good, solid Tex-Mex and great ice cream.

                Spicy's, across from the Suffolk County Historical Society in downtown Riverhead, is also a solid option.

              3. thank you all for the recommendations! Tried Jedidiah Hawkin's for dinner--agreed that it wasn't quite worth the price. The seafood was very fresh, and I liked their emphasis on local foods, but the dishes were not very imaginative, and lacked real punch. Buoy One had a very good mixed seafood salad, and the fried calamari was excellent, with a tasty basil tomato sauce for dipping. The New England chowder was lame and doughy, though. Best of all was the taqueria (thank you Pete G!!!) The homemade soft tacos were fresh and light, the fillings delicious (especially the salty beef) and the mole excellent. Best fast food I've had in a long time!

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                1. re: calypso

                  "wasn't quite worth the price"

                  This is the direction of North Fork dining. Many new or revised restaurants that are not quite worth the price, with fair to OK food. It seems like the North Fork is becoming like the Hamptons.

                  We have lost some restaurants like Fisherman's Rest, The Wine Garden, Ross''s, JP Michaels, Tuscan Grill, Doc's Tavern and the place that was where the Red Door is (two names ago). We used to have out here alot of reasonably priced, mediocre restaurants. They are being replaced with a string of pretentious, overpriced establishments where they serve you three slices of tuna steak or a snippet of raw duck breast for $28 and everything is extra and you have to go for $150 for two people..

                  1. re: Fred19

                    If you mean Tuscan House, did you know they moved to Southampton? Food still as good, but at Southampton prices. Luckily it's worth it.

                  2. re: calypso

                    Actually, Coll made the call on the taqueria, but I should have mentioned it as well. Had an excellent torta there not long ago. Glad you enjoyed a couple of meals.