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Jun 21, 2007 06:33 PM

Lola's on Harrison (Hollywood)Former Tuscan Steak Chef

Former Tuscan Steak Chef opening restaurant in Downtown Hollywood July 3
Menu looks great.

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    1. re: Sobe

      This place is going to be a winner. The Baked California Brie, Oyster Shooters, Gnocchi and Flat Iron Steak were all outstanding.

      Lola's on Harrison
      2032 Harrison Street, Hollywood, FL 33020

      1. re: shoeprincess

        I too just ate at Lola's in Hollywood for the first time and wholeheartedly agree that this one is worth trying! The decor is edgy and contemporary and the service was superb and friendly. My husband and I shared a fresh and delicious caesar salad and wonderfully rich whole wheat lobster raviolis. Our entrees included skillet seared herbed salmon with mango relish and brown rice which was cooked to perfection and the turkey tenderloin with brussel sprouts and polenta. We then split the molten lava cake which was a phenomenal finish to a great meal. We had one glass of wine and two cups of coffee---the bill came to $84 without gratuity. If you are seeking a wonderful meal in a modern, upscale setting in Broward County, I strongly recommend giving Lola's a try.

        1. re: Debbie

          Hello! Went to Lola as well this past Friday, it was a good experience yet I'd wait a couple of weeks till it gets its game straight. We were the only ones there at 7 pm, at like 8:30 people started arriving. We ordered as an appetizer the ribs (they were really good) and the Brie (very good, but they brought it out when it was already a bit too cold and chewy). For main courses I ordered the fish of the day (it was a striped fresh water bass). It was supposed to be de-boned yet I found many bones in it, the taste was a bit bland almost no seasoning, but the brown rice was pretty good. My husband had the coca cola bbq ribs and they were very good. To our surprise, they recommended the cornbread and chorizo stuffing (which we were looking forward maybe too much for) but it was not as good as we expected. The taste was amazing but it was way too dry. It tasted like toasted breadcrumbs with dry seasoning and dry chorizo, i guess they forgot to moisten it before they brought it out! I look forward to going back again and ordering this side once again and see if it comes out just right! We order an extra side of the steak fries with truffle oil, but added our own little taste to it and asked for a side of shaved parmesan for them, it was pretty amazing. The experience was ok, but I bet in couple of weeks when the place is "experienced" enough it will be a great dinner. Little things also like the girl puring water on the wine cup instead of the water cup happenned, but those are just minor things they will larn as they go.

          1. re: lax2mia

            I went back and had another excellent meal. Thus far, the pastas and steaks are standouts. The Gnocchi with truffle oil is right up there with the best gnocchi I've had in the area. (side at Table 8 may be better) The lobster ravioli was also great. I haven't tried the fish/seafood yet (besides the oyster shooter) but plan on it. Steaks have been outstanding, brie was very good. Hopefully, they can keep it up.

            1. re: Sobe

              I agree that their meets tend to be the strong point from what I saw. The fish I guess they wanted to make it lite, but the lite went too far. The side that I was looking forward to eating was not as good, but hopefully you guys ahd a different experience. I will return in about 2 weeks and see how it has evolved ;)

              1. re: Sobe

                As you know, I've been a big fan from day one. Went back again and the gnocchi was unfortunately a bit of a letdown this time. It was still good but not great. It was more dense and didn't melt in your mouth like the first couple of times. Hopefully, it was just an off night. The baked brie was very good as was the salmon tartare. On a side note, the lobster ravioli is no longer on the menu. (which was outstanding)

                1. re: Sobe

                  **edit** The ravioli is still on the menu. My initial post should read "crab" and it's still on the menu.

                  1. re: Sobe

                    Went back to Lola's a couple of nights ago and glad we did. The placed was packed and the food was great. We had to try the Gnocchi with white truffle oil again and it was perfect. The Gnocchi was much lighter than the last visit and the white truffle oil makes for a great combo. I went with the flat iron steak which came with a twice baked potato and spinach. Both sides were good. The steak was cooked perfectly but was topped with a little too much blue cheese for my liking. It overpowered the steak a bit but it was still good. I also tried the Coca Cola BBQ beef ribs. Not really my thing and on the sweet side due to the cola but they were tasty. If you are a rib fan I would give these a shot. The side of creamed yellow corn was very good. The wine list has grown and there are additional bottles not listed on the website.

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