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Etobicoke good eats

I'm going to be moving out to Etobicoke, and am interested in all the good eats there----from fine dining to low key restaurants, to great places to buy groceries.

Off the top of my head, I'm familar with Ma Maison, MacNies Fine Grub, Magoos, the Thai places on Bloor along Royal York, Kaji Sushi, Mama Martinos, Apache Burger, The Cheese Boutique, the fish wholesaler just north of Ikea, to name a few.

Where else do you recommend, folks from Etobicoke? In particular, where's the fine dining?

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  1. Max's on Bloor St. W
    Via Allegro

    1. definately via allegro for fine dining italian.
      At royal york and bloor there is Barcelona for tapas, etc..Merlot for french, Just greek for casual greek dining, demetres cafe for waffles and crepes, and green mango has decent, well priced thai. Vibo for italian on that strip as well.

      1. Sounds like you and others have mentioned most of the good restaurants in Etobicoke. I vote Vibo over Via Allegro any day!
        For take out Italian I like Lenny's (near SE corner of Dundas and Islington), good pastas and gourmet pizzas. For regular take out pizza, in my mind Milano's is still the best. On Bloor near Six Points Plaza.
        Hot Oven Bakery in Cloverdale Mall (East Mall/Dundas) for baked goods or awesome chicken pot pie.
        Momo's on Queensway near Royal York is good food with live jazz sometimes.
        I personally would avoid Mama Martino's at all costs! Also I grew up in Etobicoke. We only went to Apache burger after a night of drinking. If we were sober we went to Magoo's.
        A place (Espresso bakery I think) which I prefer over California Sandwiches for a chicken cutlet sandwich is an Italian bakery along Dundas between Kipling and Burhamthorpe, closer to Burhamthorpe.
        For really good French including a great Prix Fixe menu is La Petite France on Bloor near Islington.
        There is a GREAT new eat-in bakery/cafe for gourmet sandwiches, great artisan breads and pasteries called Artisano's. On Islington north of Queensway.
        Also for hole in the wall but awesome Ukrainian food, Wally's on Dundas near Kipling.

        Hope this helps...I've lived in Etobicoke for a while and love all it has to offer.

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          I'll second Hot Oven for cakes/cookies/baked goods (oh their Empire cookies are my fave), but will contest the rave review of Artisano's. The sandwiches are good, yes, but their baked sweets are awful. I had the worst scone there the other day - ugh. The breads are good, though.

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            I'm definitely going to give La Petite France a try if it's still around.

            (and I'm commenting so this thread shows up in "My Chow")!

            La Petite France
            3317 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M8X1E7, CA

            1. re: South Carolina Girl

              I used to go to La Petite France, but read that Didier is no longer there. Has anyone been recently?

              La Petite France
              3317 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M8X1E7, CA

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                LPF was one of our regular haunts. Last time (and I mean last time) was about six months ago and it isn't what it used to be. Cassoulet which was once rich and full flavoured seemed thrown together with fewer ingredients.

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                  Thanks, that's what I thought. Maybe will give Merlot another try.

          2. Not quite fine dining, but for excellent reasonably priced food I recommend Hoai Huong (Vietnamese place on north side of Queensway east of Royal York) and Churrasqueira (Portuguese roast chicken and potatoes also on Queensway between Islington and Kipling).

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              Visited Hoai Huong, can't believe it's taken me so long to check it out -- will definitely return. Great pho.

              716 The Queensway (east of Royal York)

            2. Creme de la Creme on Bloor just east of Royal York for great breakfast/brunch

              1. Yellow Cup Cafe for sandwiches and all sorts of breakfast foods (served all day)...most especially the crepes-- across from Cloverdale Mall in the plaza, at East Mall and Dundas (roughly)

                Big Papa's on Bloor- Im SURE most CH's will disagree, but this is a restaurant with good food for the amount you pay, good pizzas and a nice atmosphere. Across from ViBo on Bloor St West.

                1. The best breakfast is at The Dundas Grill, Dundas west of Kipling just beyond Appache Burger. Daytime meals are very good also, I like the grilled liver. [Another great (tax free)breakfast is on the SIX Nations Reserve (Ohsweken) If you go there for smokes.]

                  Not quite Etob, but if you want the world's best egg salad sandwich ($1.70) venture west of Hwy. 427 on Dundas to 2100 Dundas E. (South Creek Donuts) then further west by Starsky's you'll find Astoria for excelling Greek dishes.

                  1. You should try Cru at Bloor and Royal York as one of your fine dining outings. Imaginative, well executed food.

                    I would echo others' comments that Vibo is a solid choice.

                    Nobody has mentioned the Henry VIII pub at Bloor and Montgomery. Worth a try for a casual night out.

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                      eden down on the lake is really nice too, keep going down park lawn south of lakeshore its on the road pl turns in to. also along lakeshore is casa mendoza, great summer patio.

                      buon giorno is a little italian place halfway between islington and kipling on the north side of queensway, the italian sandwiches are awesome, my wife's fav is a deli sandwich the joey d special, delicious.

                      vesuvio's pizza in the junction is my fav, and il paesano is a close second. there is a bakery down royal york, south of evans, everything is fantastic.

                      european meats on jutland (parallel to queensway 2 streets north, between isl and kip) is fantastic for fresh meats, deli meats, and a quick sandwich or burger. right beside is a german store with great cheeses and preserves.

                      good luck, enjoy, so much to appreciate in etobicoke!

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                        how little is buon giorno? I love Italian sandwiches and I might be in the area with 10 or so people. I could go for a yummy sandwich...is European Meats also small?

                      2. re: ptslim

                        Cru closed a while ago - haven't been to the replacement.

                      3. There are a lot of great offers here indeed and I do frequent many places, but I am from north of Hwy. 7, so I would ask that there be some replies for north Etobicoke, which you may also appreciate. Yes, north Etobicoke is an area overlooked, somewhat understandably, any help appreciated!

                        1. Chodang Soontofu is great for their Soon Tofu soup. I go there frequently and I always order 1 to eat right away and 1 to take home to eat for dinner the next day (like many Korean soups, it reheats deliciously well)

                          Their tofu is really fresh, the owners are super sweet and it has a nice little homey-Korean restaurant feel. I don't usually like going to the same restaurant over and over...but this is one of my only exceptions :D

                          Chodang Soontofu
                          5130 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M9A, CA

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                            Pulcinella at Lakeshore and Browns Line is a relatively new and very good italian bistro. Cute atmosphere(stone walls dark wood furniture and live piano playing in the downstairs dining room). The menu prices are "medium". Just be sure to ask what the price of their specials are. They seem to be disproportionately high when compared to the regular menu items.

                            Lakeshore Restaurant
                            2390 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V1C3, CA

                          2. Surprised no one mentioned Pinocchios. It's been a while, but the last time there had a simple elegant pasta and caesar, and a killer 85 Barolo. Expensive, but a very nice treat. Anyone been recently ?