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Jun 21, 2007 05:58 PM

Reno Bachelor Party

First Post from a frequent and avid reader. I'm looking for a place in Reno to have a bachelor party dinner. So far I notived a couple of places that are posted consistently but I don't know if the atmosphere would be suitable.

1) La Famiglia
2) 4th St Bistro
3) Louis' Basque Corner

Just to give you a background. I like my good food but most of the other people could probably settle for something a little less with a better atmosphere. I think there will be about 10-12 people so I would like something with a big table that would be fun.

Any ideas or sugesstions?

Thanks for the help.

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  1. Hmmm...I wouldn't say any of those are bachelor party material. It'll be interesting to see the other Renoite's responses. I'm thinking maybe Bistro Roxy inside the Eldorado. Good food, good bar, and other places to go to in the immediate vicinity if you want a change of venue. Imperial Bar & Lounge is new to Reno - nice location, nice decor, and with pool, darts, and lots of plasmas. It also has pretty good food, but it sounds like your looking for more of a sit-down dinner atmosphere. A good place to go post-dinner.

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      What about the Brewpub in the ElDorado? Brewbrothers. That might be a good spot.

    2. Louis' Basque Corner has a bar that is it's biggest strength. I can't remember if they do just family style seating or have regular tables. The food is just okay. Nothing to recommend.
      Bistro Roxy is better recommendation, Nancy is right.
      Brew Brothers is another candidate, as you mentioned. Pretty standard pub food last time I ate there, so go for the booze.
      Another candidate, Bella Sera, just closed.
      I haven't eaten at Fourth Street Bistro, but while that's a nice restaurant I don't think it's bachelor party material. La Famiglia doesn't seem right either.

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      1. re: SteveTimko

        I just thought about the Imperial Bar. I recommended it in another post a few minutes ago. It might be a rocking kind of place. Small plates, sandwiches and pizza. And booze, booze, booze. A college age crowd. It might be your place.

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          Wow Thanks.

          Imperial Bar looks like a great choice. Easy to please everyone at a place like that.

          Really appreciate the posts.

          1. re: rblomq

            I went to the Imperial Bar yesterday. THey don't have one big table, but they can probably put together five or six little tables for you. I'd call them first.

      2. I plan Bachelor Parties here in Reno-Tahoe for a living and recommend Louis' Basque Corner all the way. They have a side-room for privacy, serve a 7-course meal which includes ice cream and wine, the atmosphere is historical and relaxed, and it only costs $25/person for the two hours you are there.

        Have fun! ~ Dawn