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Jun 21, 2007 05:56 PM

kebabs (east end)

hi all,
i need to purchase a large quantity of shish kebabs as i am far to busy (well actually lazy) to make myself and am having a bbq. i would love some recommendations for a good butcher in west scarborough or east york to purchase a variety of kebabs and if you know if i need to pre-order.


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  1. I would try some of the greek butchers on the Danforth.

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    1. re: thenurse

      Yup... chicken and pork. For example, Mister Greek on Danforth east of Pape has a special where if you buy 10 you get free tzatziki (not sure of the price of the souvlaki). I happen to like Ellas on Pape south of Danforth because the people are really nice and the meat is good, and their kebabs are great and $2 each I think. Who knows, if you ordered a large quantity ahead they might even throw in the tzatzkiki too. In any case there are several such Greek butchers along the Dan west of Pape as well and they should all have souvlaki.

      1. re: julesrules

        Bought some myself at Ellas today. Chicken are $2, pork are $1.50. They also have some great looking lamb ones for $3, and they were quick to tell me they use prime lamb leg (not scraps).

    2. What about Meat on the Beach on Queen St East? They seemed to have a great selection of kebabs marinated in different dressings.

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      1. re: tomgrrrl

        Whitevens at the St. Lawrence Market has a great selection as well.

      2. where are you located in the east end???? there is a butcher at warden and ellesmere
        called Kostas Meats...Greek butcher...they have a good selection of kebabs and meats
        the london broil is worth trying...

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        1. re: goaneat

          2nd'ing Kostas. Good selection of Greek everything.

        2. Here's a couple of non-butcher alternatives in the event you want to try something a little different:

          On Ellesmere near Pharmacy, there's a middle eastern shop in the strip of mall anchored by China Cottage (Hakka food). They have good looking kebabs that you might want to try.

          For Asian-inspired ones, try Mayette's on the Danforth just east of Pharmacy. She makes a Filipino barbecue, as in pork satays that are very tasty. Call in the order first since she is more of a restaurant. I do know she sells the satays because I've ordered it myself.

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          1. re: courgette

            i'm actully near victoria park so most of the options mentioned are super close. loved the different recommendations as i was thinking that i know i have options i might go for the satays.

            courgette.....any idea if she does those korean ribs for the bbq? i've had them at other filipino places and they were fantastic.

            1. re: jessi20

              Louie's on the Danforth just a few stores west of Logan. I have been buying them there for years and they are always good. They also freeze well.

              1. re: jessi20

                you can get the Korean Ribs at a place called Marcie's Foods on Sheppard Ave E
                and Brian Dr...not far from Fairview Mall..they are amazing and good prices.