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Jun 21, 2007 05:50 PM

asking a lobster to anniversary dinner

I'm trying to find a special occasion restaurant anywhere in the LA area that still serves live Maine lobster (after all, what can you do when your spouse of 39 years tells you she has a yen???).

Environment is always key for us... maybe we're just old fashioned, but we are both artistically oriented and appreciate the 'place' and being able to have a conversation, while enjoying good food and gracious service.

...and music/entertainment, if it exists, is a special bonus.

Thought I had something when I saw 555 East in Long Beach had a tank, but when I called they said this was an old web and they no longer serve live lobster.

HELP... dinner is Saturday, and I'll be in deep 'trouble' if I can't deliver something pink and sweet with champagne and real linen.

Thanks in advance...
Gotta Eat

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  1. The Palm or the Lobster come to mind.

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    1. re: whatsfordinner

      I second the Palm. They serve up some real beasts there and they are definitely alive when they go in the pot. The service there is usually tops as well.

    2. Water Grill. The food is fab, some of the best seafood around; setting is lovely, and you can have a relaxed conversation.

      I really enjoyed the lobster at The Lobster, but it's awful loud in there, thus hard to have a conversation.

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      1. re: slacker

        called watergrill... no whole or live lobster... just a 'creation' out of the shell that you wouldn't recognize as the real deal... but i'm sure it's good

        i agree that if just going for the lobster, the Lobster in SM would be good, but not exactly a romantic or relaxing atmosphere

        Palm is the 'standard' and fallback choice... am still trying to find something a little more romantic

        1. re: gottaeat

          Bistro 561 has a lobster on their online menu. Maybe come up with a list of venus you like and see if they're serving up lobster.

        2. the palm will definitely work. they always have HUGE maine lobsters. i have had up to five pounds (shared among three people). the other place that used to have these was monty's. i hear that the one in pasadena is closing, but i believe that the one in woodland hills is going strong. i will be anxiously waiting for your final decision and report. congrats on 39!!!! (we're only at 35, which we celebrated in istanbul in january.)

          1. The Palm is offering a lobster special for two in June and July, you get two salads and two sides with a 4lb ($90), 5lb ($105) or 6lb ($125).

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            1. re: New Trial

              LOVE this special... Mom and I always go... I take claws, she takes tail and we split mushrooms and broccoli, then salads.

              Also, Ruth's Chris.

            2. Yes, I remember the live lobster tank at Ruth's Chris's. Definitely a good special occassion restaurant...