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Jun 21, 2007 05:47 PM

Worth It?

Sure it's a chain restaurant and it's not created for the most sophisticated palates, but would Max Brenner be worth trying? The dessert list looks like such a guilty pleasure!

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  1. Most reports say no, unless you order extremely carefully, and there's no wait. Frank Bruni gave it 0 stars.

    Other reports:

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    1. re: kathryn

      sure it's not "cuisine," but the savory waffles are just delicious. and the desserts--- heavenly. sometimes its great to just have some fun and not be serious with food.

    2. It looks so good, but it's not. Trust me. I've been three times. If anything, takeout a double chocolate chip cookie and have them heat it up.
      Go to Jaques Torres instead. Divine.

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      1. re: ChowDiva

        Strongly agree-- go to Jacques Torres or Vosges on Spring Street. Both are superior.

        1. re: williej33

          And if we're talking chocolate, no thread is complete without a mention of Kee's, imho better than Torres and Vosges combined.
          If you're looking for great guilt-inducing desserts go to Cafe Sabarsky or Payard.

          1. re: jsgjewels

            Kee's = great truffles, but they close up shop at like 6pm or 7pm, there's nowhere to sit inside, and they run out of the popular flavors in the afternoon. Kee, however, is usually there, she's a big sweetheart and gives out freebies, and is always happy to chat.

            But don't expect chocolate tarts, chocolate cakes, chocolate cookies, etc. from there.

            1. re: kathryn

              I agree - I love Kee's - and she is v. generous and sweet. If you go too close to when they open, they don't have as big a selection, and as kathryn says, if you go too late, they run out. The pistachio truffles and almond ones are some of my favorites.