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Jun 21, 2007 05:35 PM

Looking for Mango Mochi and Bak Kwa

Hi there! Chicago Chowhound here... I am flying into SNA next weekend, and have been salivating over stories of mango mochi! So far all I have heard is that they have it at Hui Lau Shan in San Fran!

So, please help an out-of-towner out, please? Where can I get mango mochi?

And also, since I am from Singapore and have not been back in ages.... There has to be somewhere I can get bak kwa (barbecued pork jerky)! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Go to any Trader's Joes, and actually a lot of supermarkets has it. Trader Joe's definitely has it mango ice cream mochi.

    If you go to any 99 Ranch,, you will find a great variety of mango ice cream mochi.

    If you just want mango (no ice cream) mochi, go to Phoenix Bakery. There are multiple locations, depending on where you are located.

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      On top of that, any 99 Ranch will pork jerky, either dried or barbecued, and either in spicy or sweet, as well.

    2. Most if not all Gelsons and Pavilions grocery stores carry the mochi. And select Ralph's supermakets.

      1. If you're willing to drive, there's a mochi shop in downtown LA's Little Tokyo called Fugetsu-Do. On First between Alameda and, um, Spring is the next major one. If you can't go that far, a 99 Ranch Market may provide.

        1. Try the chocolate mochi at Fugetso-do too.

          I would also think that Mikawaya would also have mango mochi, since they make the mochi ice cream that most stores carry. Also located in J town and Torrance.

          1. Oops... maybe I should have been more descriptive... I am not looking for mango mochi ice cream. This mango mochi is a piece of fresh mango, wrapped in the mochi flour with or without coconut on the outside.

            I found a post about the Phoenix Bakery, but it was from a few years back! Thanks for confirming, WHills!

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              Phoenix Bakery has one of the best mango mochis. It is filled with fresh pieces of mango and covered on the outside with coconut. They also have a really good rose bud/longan jello. There is a Phoenix Bakery in Monterey Park, Arcadia, Irvine and multiple other locations. I think they have a website, so you can search for a location near you. This is definitely what you are looking for. However, remember do not refridgerate the mochi before eating it or else it will get hard.