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Jun 21, 2007 05:17 PM

New Venue for New Haven Area Rehearsal Dinner

Hi there,

You might recognize me as the guy who was casually asking for Sunday brunch advice after my upcoming wedding on Aug 18th. Well, now unfortunately, I'm the guy who's asking for a replacement site for our 40 person rehearsal dinner. We WERE scheduled at the Yankee Silversmith in Wallingford, but a recent fire/water damage destroyed those plans. The following are the requirements:

1) Excellent food, even when done for large quantities of people

2) A private dining room/area where we can dine and make our own noise w/o listening to too many others' noise.

3) A decent value for the $$$$$( do not read this as dirt cheap though!)

4) Convenient to the Branford-New Haven-Hamden area on a Friday evening in mid-august.

Any ideas?


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  1. I'll keep thinking on this one, but what immediately pops into my mind, and I just love is Carmen Anthony's Steakhouse. You could do the one in New Haven or even their Woodbury location would probably be convenient for Hamden area. It is pricey but is worth it and they have a nice room for a party. The New Haven restaurant is located in a quieter area of downtown and offer valet parking if needed but at night, you won't have a problem finding free on-street parking since you don't have to feed meters after 7PM. Rusty Scupper is always a great location since it is right off I-95, and you cannot beat the view of the New Haven harbor. I used them for a Buffet Brunch for a 50-person bridal shower and they were great to deal with---Cosimo, the GM is fabulous--not sure about the private room but their upper area is really nice and they set it up nicely for a large party and keep you well-away from other parties. I thought their buffet food was even better than their general menu.
    Cafe Allegre in Madison is supposed to host a great party. A friend of mine had his intimate wedding there.
    Another thought is Colonial Tymes in Hamden.
    Not sure if these are too far:
    Another handsome venue would be Monty's River Grill at Great River Country Club in Milford; I cannot really comment on the event food but venue is really nice. Easter Brunch was fabulous. (Right off Wilbur Cross Exit 54


    or Gusto's Trattoria in Milford has a private party room for up to 50 and their food is quite good in a more casual setting (Right off I-95, exit 36


    If I think of any others, I'll pop back on.